May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful! (Proverb 23:25 )

Date Prayer Subjects
22/01 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander: Major Chan Kwok Wai
1. Please pray for the preparation and the kickstarting of Divisional Headquarters’ plans in the new year. May God protect and lead us that the congregation will be cared for and grow spiritually, work passionately for the Lord, and glorify Christ.
2. Please pray for the development of the Divisional Headquarters and the various Corps. May the Holy Spirit lead us to be united in spreading the gospel.
23/01 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung
1. Please pray for the newly established Saturday-worship and recreational ministry at ToGather in 2024.
2. Please pray for the direction of Melody Corps’ ministries in the new year. May God rise up local officers and soldiers to ‘seek the sheep and care for them; pass on the legacy and establish more’.
24/01 Ming Tak Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms. Cheung Man Lai
1. It has been several months since the new school year began. While we are busy with our daily operations and with conducting events, we are grateful that the school is running smoothly. Please pray that God will lead our team to continue to be devoted at providing quality and caring education for our children and working with their parents so our children can grow happily and healthily.
2. Please pray that God will lead and protect us, so educators and parents will have wisdom and faith to work together to protect our next generation and they will be more positive – as stated in the bible, ‘Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.’ (Proverbs 22:6)
Pakistan Territory
TC: Colonel Diana MacDonald
CS: Lt.-Colonel Safdar Iqbal
Officers 471 (A358 / R113) Aux-Captains 3 Cadets 22 Corps 134 Outposts & Societies 378
Sr Soldiers 40,690 Jr Soldiers 9,399 Adherents 3,763
1. Colonel Diana’s leadership as a woman is leading Pakistan Territory in an Islamic country.
2. 22 Cadets got commissioned (Reflectors of Holiness) in March 2023.
3. Re-opening of Jhang district in April 2023.
4. Territorial Review held in November 2023.
1. Please pray for the opening of new corps in the territory.
2. Please pray for the work of The Salvation Army in Pakistan and spiritual revival in the territory.
3. Please pray for General Election in Pakistan and ongoing inflation and economic and political imbalance in the country.
26/01 Bradbury Camp
Camp Manager : Mr. Tong Chun Tung
1. Please pray that the Camp staff will be in good health and be happy at work.
2. Please pray that the Utilisation of Bradbury Camp will increase.