May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful! (Proverb 23:25)

Date Prayer Subjects
Rwanda and Burundi Command
OC: Lt-Colonel Jean Laurore Clenat
GS: Major Emmanuel Ndagijimana
Officers 67(A54, R13) Aux-Capts 4 Corps 3 Cadets 9
Sr Soldiers 4,195 Jr Soldiers910 adherents 152
1. Legal issues in Burundi district
2. Visit for the General and WPWM 16-19 February 2023
3. Commissioning and Ordination of the Reflectors of Holiness Session, 19 Feb. 2023
4. Work of the Women’s Ministries among the Single Mothers.
27/01 Samshuipo Family Support Networking Team
Team Leader:Mr. Simon Liu
1. Pray for the deprived group, especially the low-income families living in the sub-divided units in Sham Shui Po, under high stress level at the time of economic downturn.
2. Pray for the health and family unity during the COVID-19 pandemic.