‘’Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.’’ (Psalm37:5)

Date Prayer Subjects
13/09 HKIE Corps
Corps Officer: Lieutenant Michael Lam
Associate Corps Officer: Lieutenant Forrest Lam
1. Pray for a prosperous Corps who love the Lord and love others.
2. Pray for service units to serve the Lord with one heart.
14/09 Kwun Tong Family Store
Senior Shop Manager : Fanny Chan
1. Pray that the Lord will continue to take care of each of us, and pray that You will continue to let us sleep; continue to wake us up every morning. Peace of mind during the pandemic
2. Pray for the Lord to give the world good health and peace.
Italy and Greece Command
OC: Lt.-Colonel Andrew Morgan
GS: Major Cinzia Walzer
Officers 46 (A30/R16) Corps 17 Cadets 4
Sr Soldiers 222 Jr Soldiers 19
1. Pray for the transition period in the Leadership (new OC and new GS in September)
2. Pray for the Corps without Officers, pray for new vocations.
3. Pray for a renewal of the life of the Holy Spirit in the Corps and in the personal life of Salvationists.
16/09 Yau Tsim Integrated Home Care Service Team
Assistant Service Supervisor: Ms. Chu Pui Shan
1. Pray for service users, so that they can be cared for in body, mind, society and spirit, and have peace in the Lord.
2. Pray for all co-workers so that they can still exert their strengths and take care of the elderly and family in need in the community; and pray for the health of co-workers and family members.