The Lord reigns forever; he has established his throne for judgment. (Psalm 9:7)

Date Prayer Subjects
13/09 Personnel Department
Secretary for Personnel: Major Connie Ip
1. Pray that more soldiers will hear and respond to God’s calling to Officership.
2. Pray that God will keep our Officers in good health and good spirit.
14/09 William Booth Corps
Corps Officer: Major Bruce Tam
1. Give thanks for the satisfactory enrolment of Secondary 1 of William Booth Secondary School.
2. Pray for the follow-up work of the School Evangelical Meeting held in July.
15/09 Kwun Tong Family Store
Senior Sales:Ms. Chan Yuen Fan, Fanny
1. Under the situation of epidemic, we leave everything to the Almighty Father. Thank the Lord for His blessing, and may the Lord bless the world.
2. Pray for good health and safety for everyone.
India Eastern Territory
OC: Commissioner Lalzamlova
CS: Lieut-Colonel Simon Sathyamangalam Paulose
Officers 374 (A270 / R104) Aux-Capts15 Corps 246 Cadets 29
Sr Soldiers 42,556 Jr Soldiers 12,533 adherents130
1. Officers’ spiritual revival and living commitment and dedication to serve the community and pray for the ongoing and future ministries of the India Eastern.
2. Pray for the ongoing Officer Training of 29 Cadets of Messenger of Reconciliation session 2020–2022 as they could not be sent out for practical Field Training in the Corps as scheduled since this is one of the very important training programmes in the course.
3. India Eastern Territory FCRA account is being suspended by the Government of India, any funds cannot be received from IHQ and abroad. If Government is not withdrawing this suspension IET Ministries could face challenges in our various mission activities and to run the territory smoothly. It is affecting God’s Ministry in Nepal.
17/09 Integrated Services for Street Sleepers
Person in-charge: Ms. Ling Ling Tsoi
1. Pray that the results of the 2021 census of street sleepers can influence social welfare policies, so that street sleepers can get more support.
2. Pray that street sleepers and street sleepers service staff can maintain their health and safety under the new coronavirus, the economy will recover as soon as possible, and the homeless will be able to live in peace.