This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit. (1John4:13)

Date Prayer Subject
16/10 Property Department
Senior Project Manager: Mr. Victor Ng
1. Please pray for the progress of the redevelopment projects and the upcoming project for RP warehouse.
2. Please pray for the building safety and conditions of our offices and service units.
17/10 Shatin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tammy Cho
1. We thank God for leading Shatin Corps in grace for the past 40 years. Please pray for the preparation work of our anniversary luncheon and Thanksgiving Sunday on 18 and 19 November.
2. We thank God for using the summer programmes in July and August to introduce Jesus Christ to students of different grades in the Tin Ka Ping Primary School. Please pray for the follow-up pastoral care for students and the evangelistic ministry at the school in the new school year.
3. Please pray for our recruitment of a ministry assistant in Shatin Corps. May God prepare people He can use to develop the evangelistic ministry in the area.
18/10 Hing Yan Kindergarten/ Hing Yan Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms. Lo Sau Fun
1. As the number of students decreases in the school, we hope that our team can be united in our work in terms of the teaching, building the learning environment, and partnership with parents. May parents see our hard work and achievements in early childhood education so we can have a good reputation in the area.
2. A new school supervisor will be overseeing the preschool education units. May God bless the new supervisor will soon adapt to the Army’s culture and lead all education service units continue to move forward.
Kenya West Territory
TC: Commissioner Joash Malabi
CS: Lt.-Colonel Daniel Imbiakha
Officers 1,130 (A887 / R243) Aux-Captain 11 Cadets 40 Corps 611 Outposts 784
Sr Soldiers 129,882 Jr Soldiers 124,515 Adherents 84
1. Following the political unrest that we are experiencing in the country and following many deaths and injuries being inflicted on people by police due to demonstrations going on, kindly pray for:

  • The stability of the country during this political unrest.
  • Peace to prevail in all 47 counties across the country and that the demonstrations going on shall stop by God’s grace.
  • The families that lost their loved ones during the demonstrations and those that are in hospital beds to get quick recovery.

2. Seven months after the promotion to Glory of our Territorial Commander, Commissioner Margaret Siamoya, pray that:

  • The Territory shall remain united and forge on for the glory of God.
  • God will inspire international leadership to appoint suitable territorial leaders. (Colonels Geoff & Kalie Webb will be appointed as Territorial Commanders effective 1 February 2024)
  • The Territorial programmes in the remaining months of this year will be a success.
20/10 Kwun Tong Integrated Home Care Service Team
Assistant Service Supervisor: Ms. Iris Chan
1. We are currently in need of several frontline colleagues and care workers. May God prepare suitable candidates for us.
2. May God guard our colleagues with physical, emotional, and spiritual health so we can provide quality services for our service users.