I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings. (I Cor 9:23)

Date Prayer Subjects
17/07 Divisional Headquarters
Divisional Commander: Major Chan Kwok Wai
1. Please pray for the summer youth ministries: 29-30 July Junior Soldier Camp, 11-13 August United Youth Camp; 17 September Junior Soldiers Challenge Day
2. On 24 September, the Community Care Ministries will launch a united visitation to three Elderly Home of the Army to resume regular visitations and express care and concerns to the elders in the institutions.
18/07 Tseung Kwan O Corps
Corps Officer: Major Norris Cheung
1. Please pray for the summer bible class. May God lead our students in the studies that the seeds of the gospel will sprout and grow in their hearts.
2. Please pray for the Corps’ brothers and sisters. May God increase their faith and strength, and bless them with the heart to love God and others.
19/07 Prince Edward Family Store
Store Manager : Ms. Mandy Ho
1. Please pray that God would grant our colleagues with strength and wisdom to overcome the recent difficulties.
2. Please pray that our colleagues could enjoy work so they can help the Army gather more resources to serve more people in need and expand the Army’s service areas.
France and Belgium Territory  
TC: Colonel Jacques Donzé
CS: Lt.-Colonel Joël Etcheverry
Officers 146 (A52 / R94) Corps 32 Outposts 2 Aux-Captain 1
Sr Soldiers 1,162 Jr Soldiers 144 Adherents 255
1. Thank God for the young people who have chosen to become Officers. Let us pray for their guidance during their preparation. Pray for other vocations.
2. Pray for the children and young people who will be attending holiday camps this summer.
3. Pray for the strategy of territorial evangelization and the strategy of expanding the ministry of posts and chaplaincy ministries within social centres.
21/07 Shatin Park Food Kiosk
Manager: Mr. Leo Tai
1. We are grateful that we have successfully renewed the Kiosk’s contract for three years. We hope that there will be an increase in business and in the number of students we train after the pandemic.
2. Please pray for the staff of the Kiosk that we can have wisdom and ability to train students for the job market.