“I cry out to you, God, but you do not answer; I stand up, but you merely look at me. (Job 30:20)

Date Prayer Subjects
18/07 Recycling Programme
Recycling Programme Director: Ms. Joanna Ho
1. Pray for new RP Director whose employment commenced on 4 July.
2. Pray for RP restructure plan.
19/07 Tai Hang Tung Corps
Corps Officer: Major Peter Cho
Associate Corps Officer: Major Cho Mok Lai Ching
Petition :
1. Some brothers and sisters are unable to attend physical meetings at the Corps due to vaccination requirements. May God bless them in particular, as nothing ‘shall separate us from the love of Christ’.
2. Tai Hang Tung Corps and College of Mission building will undergo reconstruction in future. May God stir up the hearts of our brothers and sisters in building our home together. Grant us grace and wisdom so that we will have a vision for reconstruction and new ministries.
20/07 Aberdeen Family Store
Senior Shop Manager: Ms. Maggie Chan
Petition :
1. Pray for smooth operation and peace around the world.
2. Pray that our colleagues may work smoothly in good health.
Japan Territory
TC: Colonel Stephen P. Morris
CS: Lt.-Colonel Tamotsu Nishimura
Officers 159 (A62 /R97) Corps 41 Outpost 13 Envoys 4 Cadets 3
Sr Soldiers 2,159 Jr Soldiers 87 Adherents 30
Petition :
1. The Salvation Army may provide place for children and young adult to gather and meet their needs.
2. The territory may respond to the spiritual hunger of young people and encourage their spiritual growth.
3. There may be more candidates.
4. The small number of officers that we have may be strengthened physically and spiritually to communicate the true word of God.
5. The aging soldiers and officers’ health and welfare may be kept well.
22/07 Nam Tai Centre for Senior Citizens
Person I/C: Ms. Bonnie Sin
Petition :
1. Given the volatility of the epidemic, may God grant all service users and our colleagues good health and peace of mind to accommodate the new normal.
2. This year our annual project theme is ‘Breakthrough together in good times and bad’. May God grant us wisdom and capabilities, so that fellow colleagues are able to help our service users break through themselves and make progress through various services/activities amid the pandemic.