And Mary said: My soul glorifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. (Lk1:46-47)

Date Prayer Subjects
11/12 China Development Department
Head of China Development Department: Ms. Heidi Chan
1. Please pray that God will bless us with open doors so we can have more development in China.
2. Please pray that God will protect the colleagues of our department with physical, mental, and emotional health to continue to provide human-centric services for people in need.
12/12 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alfred Wong
Associate Corps Office: Major Agatha Wong
1. May God bless our Christmas Carolling this year, sharing outwardly the good news of Christ’s birth, and bless us inwardly with peace and joy.
2. Please pray for our Corps’ theme and direction next year, that soldiers will be willing to share the gospel. May the Holy Spirit inspire and guide us.
3. May God rise up a serving team, that more brothers and sisters will be willing to serve in the evangelistic, children, and finance ministries.
13/12 Hoi Fu Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms. Tan Fung Chi
1. As the weather is changing constantly, many staff and students are sick. To keep the campus clean, our staff perform major cleaning every day. May God bless our staff, students, and parents with health to deal with work and study every day. Please also remember the hard works of the staff.
2. The school’s open day was completed in October. We thank God for bringing in many families. Parents were impressed with the school and some registered for their children on the spot. Our team was united and strove towards the same goal, worked hard for the open day.
3. We give thanks that God gave each of us in the team different lessons learnt. May God continue to guard our future plannings and teaching work to align with God’s heart and glorify Him in the community.
Middle East Region
Regional Leader: Captain Douglas Newman
Officers 2 Corps 8
Sr Soldiers 383 Jr Soldiers 38
1. Pray for the growth of The Salvation Army in the Middle East.
2. To enable TSA’s acceptance and legal registration as a church within the Gulf states.
Pray that the final steps of becoming a registered church flow smoothly.
For the Prison & Deportation Centre Ministry. We continue to be able to join with other Christians from a range of denominations and go into these areas and preach in many languages and support the Christians within these spaces. Please pray that God’s power will be felt, his precious children encouraged and strengthened, and he will provide more opportunities to share the Gospel.
Pray for ways to bring more unity as Salalah is very far away from Muscat and Sohar. The isolation between corps and family can be very difficult.
As the UAE is seeing a change of leadership, we pray that the paperwork being prepared for the new officers would be finalised soon so that they are able to travel and start their term of ministry.
15/12 Tai Po Integrated Home Care Service Team
Team Leader: Ms. Lai Wai Ming
1. As the weather is getting cooler, may all colleagues and service users of The Salvation Army be blessed with health, peace, and joy.
2. Although we are in a safe region, but the world faces many disturbances, recessions, and wars. May God bless the world with peace that people will not suffer from war and Hong Kong will continue to enjoy economic prosperity and peace.