Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:12)

Date Prayer Subjects
11/04 Educational Services Department
Edcuational Services Director : Dr. Simon Ho
1. According to the instruction of EDB, the schools had advanced the summer vacation in July and August to a special vacation in March and April. May God look after the physical and mental needs of the students.
2. The public examination will commence soon. May God grant the students wisdom and good health as they attend the examination.
3. We give thanks to God that the number of students of our Centaline Charity Fund Queens’ Hill School has increased from single digit to over a hundred within half a year. May God give us guidance continuously. The school will provide Christian education, hopefully it will become the faith centre in this new community, that God’s salvation may reach the unbelievers there.
12/04 Tseung Kwan O Corps
Corps Officer: Major Norris Cheung
1. Pray for the spiritual life of brothers and sisters under pandemic. May God grant us confidence to face various situations and challenges.
2. Pray for the pastoral care ministries of the Corps. Give thanks to God that we can keep in touch via online communication and take care of each other.
13/04 Wah Fu Nursery School
Head: Ms.Mabel Lo
1. Pray for the children, staff and their families of our school. With the power of God, they will have good health for their body and mind to face the challenges positively in each day and be considerate in current social situation.
2. Pray for God’s protection and guidance that we can make good preparation in the special vacation, such as the re-arrangement of the course, disinfection and cleaning work, continuous online games and sharing activities with the children. May parents have support on teaching their children. We will continue to optimise our education work.
Angola Command
TC: Lt-Colonel Gracia Matondo
GS: Major Sergio Nsumbu
Officers 65(A51/R14) Corps 32 Outposts 11
Sr Soldiers 4,258 Jr Soldiers 923 Adherents 133
1. Obtaining a permanent visa for the Reinforcement Officers (projects & ETO)
2. Acceptance of 12 candidates for the next Officers training session 2022-2024
1. Peace and tranquillity for this year that the country is preparing for the general elections in August.
2. The harsh consequences of the pandemic on the lives of the population (financial, psychological and emotional).
3. Growth and development of The Salvation Army within the country.