Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them! (Psalm 126:6)

Date Prayer Subjects
11/10 Recycling Programme (Macau)
Oversight: Major Jeremy Lam
1. The position of Recycling Programme (Macau) Operations Manager is currently vacant. Pray that God will prepare someone He pleases to lead the Macau RP, so that through the work of RP, The Salvation Army will have more impact on the Macau community and be able to serve more people in need.
2. Thank God for keeping the Family Store safe during the volatile epidemic situation. Pray that God will continue to keep and lead the work of the Macau RP. May we brave all the challenges to resume our work to normal.
12/10 Kowloon Central Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Joyce Tam
1. In recent years, the Corps and its Soldiers have faced different changes under the influence of external factors. We give thanks for we discovered opportunities for evangelical development despite the changes. Also pray for the Lord’s guidance so that the Corps will keep pace with the Lord and work diligently as we see His work amid aversity.
2. Pray for youth music class and parents English class – the outreach evangelical ministries newly launched this year. Pray that the lives of children and parents reached may change as they learn about the Gospel, and that the passion of fellow Soldiers to spread the Gospel will be reignited.
13/10 Centaline Charity Fund Yau Tong Kindergarten
Headmistress: Ms. Tong Ying Yan
1. Pray for our team to achieve “Better Education Better Life” when serving our children.
2. Pray for the physical, mental and spiritual health of our staff. May our Lord give us peace and joy in our work.
Zambia Territory
TC: Colonel Ian Swan
CS : Lt.-Colonel Ireen Hachamba
Officers 314 (A244/R70) Corps 156 Cadets 24
Sr Soldiers 33,806 Jr Soldiers 9,593
1. Pray for our centennial celebrations planning for 2022.
2. Annual general meeting in November.
3. Pray for understanding of the soldier’s covenant renewal.
4. Pray for the ministry of the youth.
5. The impact of Covid 19 on business and the economy in the country.
15/10 Ma Wan Camp
Camp Manager : Mr. Paper Mak
1. Pray for the renovation works of the Camp to be conducted during November to December. The Camp received a fund of over HKD 800K from the LCSD for the renovation of the small flats (2-room flats). Pray that all the works before and after the renovation will be carried out smoothly. Pray for diligence and safety for our workers so that they can complete the works on time under stable weather. May the Camp be able to provide a more comfortable space for the public where they can relax, rest and rejuvenate. There is a time to work, there is a time to rest; in quietness and trust and God’s presence is your strength. Pray for God’s blessings.
2. Pray for the further on-site training services at schools in the new school year. On top of its routine operations, the Camp is collaborating with various corporates and schools in the new school year to organise more ‘experiential learning programmes’, such as SEN students training and value education for children. May God lead our management and all full-time and part-time frontline staff to work in one accord for the new project. May more youth and children in need have meaningful learning as they try to do things they have never done in order to grow; things they are unwilling to do in order to change; things they dare not do in order to break through themselves. With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. May the Holy Spirit fill us throughout the programme and inspire the participants to open their hearts and be willing to learn, to break through, to change, and to grow.