As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; (Psalm 103:13)

Date Prayer Subjects
07/11 Personnel Department
Secretary for Personnel: Major Connie Ip
Petition :
1. Prayer for soldiers: responding to God’s calling for Officership with faith.
2. Prayer for Officers: their spiritual health and physical health.
08/11 Shatin Corps
Corps Officer: Major Tammy Cho
1. Thank God for allowing The Salvation Army to have many service units in Shatin district, and to serve different groups based on God’s love. Pray that Heavenly Father, through the community services of Shatin Corps to enable the units’ staff and service users to share the joy of salvation.
2. Thank God, the Corps at His grace, has served thirty-nine years in Shatin. Please pray for the development, vision and mission of the Corps when she will enter her 40th anniversary next year. Pray that God will give Local Officers wisdom, understanding, and necessary abilities to build up the spiritual life of the brothers and sisters according to God’s will, and spread the gospel with much initiative.
09/11 Ping Tin Kindergarten
School Head: Ms. Lai On Yi
1. There are new teaching staff this year. I hope the team could be united in strength and work hard for the children.
2. May the Lord grant peace, health and joy to children, parents, and our school staff.
Mali Region
RC: Major Herve Michel Ahouyanganga
CS: Captain Andre Mère Bara Togo
Officers 10 Corps 8 Outposts 17
Sr Soldiers 784 Jr Soldiers 405 Adherents 191
1. Pray for the change of name of Mali Region to become Mali & Burkina Faso Region.
2. Pray for officers and salvationists to be bold enough to preach the gospel in a Muslim context.
3. Pray for patience of 24 candidates of Mali & Burkina accepted to be trained.
4. Pray for the permanent registration of TSA in Mali.
11/11 Employment Support Services
In-charge: Ms. Cheri Lai
1. Please pray for the unemployed CSSA recipients to find their job as soon as possible
2. Please pray for good health to our staff team.