For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Date Prayer Subjects
06/03 Finance Department
Finance & Human Resources Administrator: Ms Agnes Ng
1. Pray for the restructuring of the Finance Department and job reallocation in different funds.
2. Pray that we have wisdom in communications with other department on accounting work using their languages.
07/03 Melody Corps
Corps Officer: Major Samson Cheung
1. May Major Cheung have the strength to take care both the pastoral duties of the Melody Corps and the ministry development at the To・Gather’ @ Sam Shing Transitional Housing.
2. May our shared space be able to serve many more elderly. May God bless that the elderly would have faith in Jesus because of our social services.
08/03 Tai Wo Hau Nursery School  
School Head:Ms. Celia Chan
1. As the pandemic begins to ease and the school resumes full-day face-to-face teaching, please pray that God would watch over each child, parents, and staff. May they all have a peaceful heart and a healthy body as our society gradually resume to normal.
2, We are grateful for God’s guidance through different challenges. May God continue to bless us with strength in our minds and spirits, with wisdom and faith to care for the needs of each family, and with appropriate teaching programmes to cultivate the healthy development of our children’s bodies, minds, and souls.
Zambia Territory
TC: Colonel Alfred Banda
CS: Lieut-Colonel Ireen Hachamba
Officers 307(A235, R72) Corps 156
Sr Soldiers 34,569 Jr Soldiers 10,857 Adherents 2,498
1. Pray for Territorial leader and the calendar of activities for this year.
2. Pray for people that have no food to eat now within our borders.
3. Pray for the state president and his cabinet that God will use them as they lead the nation of Zambia.
10/03 Tuen Mun Integrated Service for Young People
Assistant Service Supervisor: Mr.Corn Sin
1. We are grateful that God allowed us to initiate the 21st-century ICYSC programme to provide more opportunities for youths to participate in community affairs and for us to cultivate a hope-filled environment for them.
2. Please pray for the health of all our staff and service users.