Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant (2 Samuel 7: 28)

Date Prayer Subjects
05/06 Women’s Ministries
Territorial President of Women Ministries: Colonel Deslea Maxwell
1. That the Lord would grant to our women officers and soldiers, wisdom and understanding as they live their Christian lives in the workplace and within their homes.
2. That God would help our women to have a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and that He would fill their hearts with a passion to see people saved by Jesus Christ.
06/06 Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Billy Lam
1. Please pray for our local officers that God would bless them with wisdom and strength to be united in the holy ministry, glorifying God and benefiting others.
2. Please pray for our manpower in the developing of children and youth ministry. May God inspire more soldiers to be committed to pastoral care.
07/06 William Booth Secondary School
School Head:Mr. Edmond Hung
1. Preparation of William Booth Secondary School 50th anniversary celebration.
2. Students’ academic pursuit, whole person development, and spiritual life.
Caribbean Territory
TC: Commissioner Devon Haughton
CS: Lt.-Colonel Morris Vincent
Officers 322 (A250 / R72) Aux-Capt 5 Cadets 8 Corps 129 Outposts 45
Sr Soldiers 12,664 Jr Soldiers 3,707 Adherents 2,060
1. More English-Speaking persons to respond to full time service.
2. More Divisions and Districts to become more self-supporting.
3. Rekindling of outreach ministries at the Corps.
4. To see a deep desire for the things of God among salvationist.
09/06 Lai King Home
Service Supervisor: Ms. Queenie Wong
1. Please pray that God would protect our service users so they can safely enjoy post-pandemic activities as we resume normal and live more fulfilling lives.
2. Please pray that God will bless our service users in getting to know God and that they will actively participate in evangelistic activities.