Date Prayer Topics

Corporate Communications Director: Ms. Eva Chow Tsz Wa

Prayer Topics :

  1. Pray for the readiness of our digital and visual communications capabilities in order to become relevant to the younger generation audience.
  2. Pray for the wisdom to be able to provide clear, informative and engaging communications that is pleasing to God’s will despite a challenging external environment.

Corps Officer : Captain Alice Lee Choi Ling

Praise :

  1. We give thanks and praise to the Lord that Wan Chai Corps has served in the community for more than 70 years, through our services that many have come to the Lord, repented and saved!

Prayer Topics :

  1. Pray for the future development of Wan Chai Corps, pray that the Lord will lead us according to His own will.

Head: Ms. Leung Shuk Yin

Prayer Topics :

  1. May God keep the K3 students with good health and away from illnesses. Also pray that they may adapt to the school life and adjusted curriculum after school resumption.
  2. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of all teaching staff. Pray that they have God-given wisdom to cope with all the teaching and administrative work after school resumption.


TC: Colonel Edward Horwood

CS : Lt.-Colonel Wilson Strasse

Officers (A121/R47) Corps 42

Sr Soldiers 1,546 Jr Soldiers 385

Prayer Items :

  1. For the challenge of how to train the nine First-Year Cadets of the ‘Messengers of Reconciliation’ Session and the six Second-Year Cadets of the ‘Messengers of Grace’ Session during these challenging times of the COVID-19 crisis.
  2. For the transition of appointments in the Brazil Territory in July 2020, including a new Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries.
  3. For the planning for the Brazil Centenary Congress, which will take place in April 2022, with the visit of the General and the World President of Women’s Ministries, that there will be a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord upon the Soldiers and Officers of the Territory.
  4. For more converts, recruits, Soldiers and Candidates through the ministry of the Army in Brazil.
  5. For solutions to the financial needs of the Territory, which have been aggravated by the current crisis, including improved Community Relations and fundraising, and income from our ‘Salvashopping’ thrift shop operations that have been closed during the quarantine.
10/7 SHAMSHUIPO FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORKING TEAM (Youth, Family & Community Services)

Team Leader: Mr. Simon Liu Man King, staff and those benefit from the programme

Prayer Topics :

  1. Pray for the deprived group, especially the low-income families living in the sub-divided units in Sham Shui Po, under high stress level at the time of economic downturn.
  2. Pray for the health and family unity during COVID-19.