Date Prayer Topics
08/07 Communications and Fundraising Department
Communications and Fundraising Manger: Ms. Denise Wong
Prayer Requests:
1. May God expand our sight and horizon to grant us more wisdom and strength to handle all CFD’s events and projects, bringing blessing to more people.
2. May God pour out His grace onto all our efforts and bless us. When we face challenges at work and feel troubled, may God help us to have sufficient patience and the wisdom needed to solve the problems. When we feel exhausted and weak due to work, may God protect us and grant us peace, health, and joy.
09/07 William Booth Corps
Corps Officer: Major Bruce Tam
Prayer requests:
1. Evangelistic activities in July
2. Children’s summer classes in July
3. Summer interest classes in August
10/07 Prince Edward Family Store
Senior Store Manager: Ms. Maggie Chan
Prayer Requests:
1. We pray that God will bless the various departments of the Army that we are able to employ suitable long-term staffs
2. We pray that God would bless our colleagues with health and that we can enjoy work and go home joyfully.
Denmark and Greenland Territory
TC: Lieut-Colonel Jan Risan
CS: Major Joan Münch
Officers 62 (active 33/ retired 29) Envoy 1 Cadets 8 Employees 80 Corps 20 Senior Soldiers 714Adherents 265 Junior Soldiers 1
Prayer requests:
1. Pray that we as Salvation Army in all things will have our focus on Jesus and be faithful to our first doctrine:
“We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by inspiration of God, and that they only constitute the Divine rule of Christian faith and practice.”
2. Pray for “labourers for the harvest” – (Matthew 9:37-38) – that is, people who will serve in Salvation Army and help us to lead people to grow in faith in Jesus.
3. Pray that much more people will be discipled and choose to serve Jesus and their neighbour as soldiers and adherents in Salvation Army.
4. Pray for increase and faithfulness in the ministry of giving.
5. Pray for the Greenlandic people and society, that God will raise them anew to be in His original plan and purpose for them.
6. Pray for this summer’s national camp for corps and families, that it will be a huge blessing for both “old” and new people in the corps. Pray also that all of the camps will be of tremendous blessing.
7. Pray for the implementation of the territory’s strategy, based on our values and characteristics, that it will benefit our mission in all parts of Salvation Army.
8. Pray that we will succeed in the ongoing process of ensuring a long-term financial sustainability that makes room for innovation and new initiatives.
12/07 Yee On Hostel
In charge: Mr Chan Ho Hang