‘’Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.’’ (Colossians 3:13)

Date Prayer Subjects
10/07 Communications and Fundraising Department
Communications and Fundraising Manager: Ms. Denise Wong
1. May God expand our horizon so we can have more wisdom and physical strength to handle every event and project of CFD to bless more people.
2. May God guide and remind us to be alert and self-aware in our daily work to learn humbly and work diligently.
3. May God pour out his grace as we work and bless us. When we encounter challenges at work and feel uncertain, may God help us to have enough patience and wisdom to solve the problem. When we feel exhausted and weak at work, may God protect us and bless us with peace, health, and joy.
4. May God bless all our events with good weather so the events can run smoothly.
11/07 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Winnie Keung
1. Please pray for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of Tai Po Corps Officer, brothers, and sisters. As there is currently no staff, may God bless brothers and sisters with passion to evangelise and be united to fight the good fight.
3. This summer, we will assist the Queen’s Hill Outpost to conduct a Summer Bible Class (7 to 11 August and 13 August) at the school. Almost 70 students have enrolled. May God gather appropriate people to serve and use the activity to bring these students to God.
3. May God use the gospel ministries of the 8 units in Tai Po. Though there are not many visits monthly, but may the small seeds we plant help to allow more people to know God and be saved.
12/07 North Point Family Store
Store Manager : Ms. Bing Lam
1. We pray that colleagues of our store will be healthy and enjoy work.
Latin America North Territory
TC: Commissioner Merle Heatwole
CS: Lt.-Colonel Agripina Góchez
Officers 166 (A144 / R22) Corps 67 Cadets 10
Sr Soldiers 12,664 Jr Soldiers 2,070 Adherents 1,614
1. Mission Advancement: We pray for the strengthening of the spiritual life of our Officers and Soldiers, Leadership Development, Officer Training, and more children, youth, and adults to be reached by our programmes.
2. Women’s Outreach: For the development of community programmes for women and girls who are at social risk, and for more girls and women in our Units.
3. Mission Priorities: We pray for Spiritual Progress, Community Development, and Spiritual Impact in all of our ministries.
14/07 “Share-care” Parents Resources Centre
Unit In Charge: Ms. Jasmine Cheung
1. Please pray for people with disabilities or special needs and their families that they can enjoy a happy summer and build joyful memories together.
2. Please pray for our service users and colleagues that they will be healthy physically and mentally as they engage in the service.