May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ! (1 Thessalonians 5: 23)

Date Prayer Subjects
10/01 Information Technology Department
Information Technology Director: Mr. Jacob Chik
1. Please pray for good health for our IT colleagues and their family members.
2. We pray for the Lord’s wisdom and protection as we are doing our best to support the IT systems for the mission of the Army.
11/01 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Cecilia Codoy
1. Please pray for the plan and preparation for the future of the Corps. Pray for the transfer of Corps to another location. Pray for a place that meets the need of the Corps and according to what the Corps can afford.
2. Pray that the Corps will continue to be relevant and innovative in providing services to the stakeholders.
Pray for the Evangelism ministry of the Corps, especially at this time of Pandemic.
12/01 Kam Tin Nursery School
School Head: Ms. Lai Wai Hung
1. Pray for good health for the young children. May God keep the children and their parents in good health and safe from influenza in changing weather. Pray that we can all enjoy Christmas celebrations with joy and a grateful heart.
2. We entrust to God the recruitment of our staff team. Pray for suitable personnel for the team to help our School implement our teaching duties.
South America West Territory
TC: Commissioner Torben Eliasen
CS: Lt-Colonel Raul Bernao
Officers 317(A254/R63) Corps 93 Cadets 20
Sr Soldiers 4,907 Jr Soldiers 1,528 Adherents 1,071
1. Peru: For the children who have been orphaned in Peru due to the Pandemic, Peru is one of the countries with the highest number of orphans due to the Pandemic.
2. Bolivia : Physical, spiritual and emotional health of officers and their families
3. Return to face-to-face meetings
4. Ecuador : Prayer for the growth of the work in Ecuador
5. Prayer for the spiritual and physical health of the officers and their families.
6. Chile: Prayer for the call of more young people to the officership
7. Prayer for new officers entering appointments
14/01 Tuen Mum East Integrated Services For Young People
Service Supervisor: Ms. Catherine Wong
1. Pray for the Coronavirus to stop spreading and the families who are infected with COVID-19.
2. Pray for our service team and their families to be healthy and peaceful.