‘’When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.’’ (Mark 6:34)

Date Prayer Subjects
05/02 Women’s Ministries Department
Territorial President of Women’s Ministries: Colonel Deslea Maxwell
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray that the Lord would grant to our women throughout the Territory wisdom and understanding as they live their Christian lives in their workplace and within their homes.
2. Please pray that our women would personally have a hunger for the word of God (the bible) and a deep desire for holiness of life.
06/02 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Winnie Keung
Assistant Corps Officer: Lt. Patrick Ho
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for the cooperation of the Corps Council team and the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our brothers and sisters.
2. Please pray for the development of the Tai Po Corps and the congregation’s serving hearts for Queen’s Hill.
3. Thank God for His blessing on our Corps’ anniversary celebration on 21 January.
07/02 Pak Tin Nursery School & Creche
Headmistress : Ms. Tracy Leung
Prayer requests:
1. Affected by low birth rate and overseas migration, student recruitment has been challenging. May God strengthen our colleagues. May God bless our efforts that parents will appreciate and accept our work. May God bless our colleagues with wisdom and strength to overcome different changes and challenges so we can be blessed with peace and joy.
2. May God protect all our students, parents, and staff to be healthy. May our staff have the energy to work for the good of one another and to serve the various families in need in our school.
Mali Region
RC: Lt.-Colonel Blaise Kombo
RS: Captain Andre Mère Bara Togo
Officers 20 Corps 8 Outposts14
Sr Soldier 984 Jr Soldiers 541 Adherents 391
1. We thank God for the good transition period that the region went through with changes of leaders.
2. We thank God for the good establishment of the new regional leaders.
Prayer requests:
Please pray for the regional review taking place from 15-24 April 2024 with the International Secretary and the Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries.
Please pray for the establishment of Officer’s Training College in Mali and Burkina Faso Region for the growth of the ministry.
09/02 Chuk Yuen Centre for Senior Citizens
Unit-in-charge: Ms. Kinki Lau
Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for all the staff and service users’ holistic health.
2. Please pray for world peace.