She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus,  because he will save his people from their sins.”(Matthew1:21)

Date Prayer Subjects
04/12 Business Administration Department
Secretary for Business Administration: Major Alice Law
1. Please pray for our new Secretary for Business Administration, Major Glenn Price, who will assume the post starting from 1 Jan 2024.
2. Please pray for the formulation of the territory’s financial budgets of the coming year.
05/12 Hong Kong Island East Corps
Corps Officer : Lt. Michael Lam
Associate Corps Officer : Lt. Forrest Tsoi
1. We give thanks that we will soon be celebrating the Corps’ 20th anniversary in 2024. Pray that God will rise up brothers and sisters and bless our evangelistic efforts.
2. Please pray that God will lead the future developments of the two schools and other units in the area.
06/12 Catherine Booth Nursery School
Headmistress : Ms. Tang Yee King
1. Our N4 class teacher (Ms. Cheung) gave birth to her first child in October. Please pray for the health of her and her little baby boy.
2. Please pray for the health of our children and all our staff so they will have the strength and peaceful hearts to face the challenges ahead.
Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes Territory
TC: Commissioner Knud Welander
CS: Colonel Paul Waters
Officers 318 (A140 / R178) Envoys14 Cadets 6 Corps 92 Outposts 294
Sr Soldiers 4,052 Jr Soldiers 3 Adherents 1,880
1. Pray for all those who are coming to our welfare centres and corps for help in a difficult time with rising costs. We pray that they will also feel valuable and seen.
2. Pray for all officers, staff and volunteers who meet these people in the front line. We pray for courage, strength and blessing.
The Faeroes:
1. Pray that we can grow and that new people will find Jesus as their saviour.
2. Pray that we get good employees and volunteers for the work.
1. Pray that in our corps and other places where we work that God will help us to care for the people he has sent to us and give us courage and strength to continue being an inclusive fellowship for everyone coming and taking part in our activities.
2. Pray for the situation that is right now in Iceland with the volcano at Grindavik. Pray for people who have to leave their homes and live with uncertainty about how this will develop.
08/12 Tai Po Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens
Team Leader: Ms. Monica Cher
1. As peak flu season is coming, please pray for the health of elderly, caregivers, and all our colleagues.
2. Please pray that the elderly who just joined us can adapt to our environment as soon as possible.