Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. (Eph 4:3)

Date Prayer Subjects
07/08 Executive Office
Territorial Commander: Colonel Philip Maxwell
1. Thank God for the visitation of Commissioners Wayne and Robyn Maxwell, SPEA Zonal Leaders in June and Colonel Mark Watts, IHQ Governance Advisor to the Territory in August. They gave the Territory thorough reviews on the ministries, stewardship and provided practical advice for the strategy to go ahead.
2. Pray for the preparation of Territory 95th Anniversary Celebration in 2025 and Territorial Strategic Plan 2025-2030. May God guide us through and give us wisdom to serve with His power and love.
08/08 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officers: Majors Alfred & Agatha Wong
1. As the Summer Day camp is in progress, may God protect the children and leaders that they will be safe outdoors or indoors, so they will enjoy the activities, get to know God, and gain the praise of God!
2. As the new school year commences in September, may God open the doors of primary schools in our community so we can serve their children and bring the gospel into the campuses.
3. Please pray for the training programme for the future Corps?local officers. May the Spirit lead us so the growing soldiers will desire the noble tasks, willing to be trained and prepared to join the ministry team next year.
09/08 Western District Belcher’s Family Store
Senior Sales?: M. Joen Leung
1. Pray that our colleagues will be healthy and enjoy work.
Ghana Territory
TC: Colonel Seth Appeateng
CS: Lt.-Colonel Simon Mbuthu
Officers 323 (A249 / R74) Corps 140 Outposts 187 Aux-Capts 138 Envoy 10
Sr Soldiers 25,051 Jr Soldiers 5,572 Adherents 21
1. As we embark on the great commission, may God grant us the grace to make headway and gain grounds especially in the Muslim and Animist communities in Ghana.
2. The leadership of the Territory has a lot and timely vision for the Territory, but we need the intervention of God the Holy Spirit and His enabling power.
3. There is a need for our soldiery to admit and support the leadership initiative for Self-support right from the corps level to the territorial level.
11/08 Talent Shop
Manager: Mr. Wally Lai
1. When our service is resumed, pray that our trainees get back to their normal routines and training in Talent Shop. May God grant them good health and a sound mind.
2. Hope all of our colleagues and their family members will have joy, peace and good health.