The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him (Lamentation 3:25)

Date Prayer Subjects
09/08 Finance Department
Finance Director Ms. Helen Wong
1. Praise God for keeping everyone in good health and joyful.
2. Pray that we remember to seek God’s help during difficult times and challenges.
3. Pray that we have faith in God.
10/08 Tai Po Corps
Corps Officer: Major Chan Kwok-wai
1. Pray that the Lord will give us the direction for Tai Po Corps.
2. Pray for the renovation works of the Corps premises.
3. Pray for the Corps Officer adjustment in this new appointment.
11/08 Tin Hau Family Store
Senior Sales: Ms. Dorothy Ho
1. The pandemic has affected all industries and trades and Hongkongers are exhausted from it. Pray that the pandemic will soon be gone and the society may revive and prosper again.
2. Pray for good health for everyone.
India Central Territory
TC: Commissioner Wilfred Varughese
CS: Lt.-Colonel Yaqoob Masih
Officers 739 (A510, R229) Aux-Capts 1 Envoy 2 Corps 275
Sr Soldiers 70,977 Jr Soldiers 8,915 Adherents 6,103
1. COVID affected officers and soldiers and families who have lost their dear ones
2. New Governance and the Territorial Strategic Plan
3. General’s Visit 25-29 January 2023
4. New Developments in Women’s Ministries wing
5. Focusing on future Army – Children and Youth Ministry
13/08 Chuk Yuen C&Y Centre
Asst. Service Supervisor: Ms. Priscilla Leung
1. Our services have been opened drop-in service to the community people. Pray that the frontline workers serve our community with love and passion. Give them strength and keep them safe.
2. There is little connection among people due to the need for social distancing. It is hoped that through the resumption of community services, more people in the community can be connected and we can continue to work with the corps to promote spiritual care.