“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:57 NIV (New International Version)

Date Prayer Topics
08/04 Programme Department
Secretary for Programme: Major Alice Law
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the unity of the departments to provide holistic services.
2. May God give colleagues wisdom to serve and manage efficiently, and be good stewards of God.
09/04 Kam Tin Corps
Corps Officer : Major Alfred Wong
Associate Corps Office : Major Agatha Wong
Prayer Requests:
1. We are grateful that our Easter activity was a success – the Corps hosted an Open Air Meeting and parent-child cooking competition and we welcomed several Recruits into our family. May God be the glory!
2. The Corps will be celebrating its 66th Anniversary on 14 April. May the Holy Spirit lead all the brothers, sisters, and friends who experienced God’s grace in Kam Tin Corps’ ministry to give thanks to God and praise Him!
3. As we are preparing for this year’s summer activities, may God grant us love and wisdom to inspire different people to join us in serving families in need in our community.
10/04 Centaline Charity Fund Queen’s Hill School
Head : Mr. Tany Chan
Prayer Requests:
1. As the school is located in a new housing estate, many students face family problems such as domestic violence, neglect, etc. Some students have emotional problems, like reluctant to go to school, often hiding at home, and not willing to contact the outside world. Some senior students even engage in acts of self-harm such as wrist-cutting. Please pray for these students.
2. The school’s teaching staff needs to be more caring, stable, and professional in order to be able to continue to care for students in need effectively. With an excellent teaching team, the school can then be the salt and light of the community, helping families in need in the estate, so that children can receive high-quality education and grow happily in the primary school stage. Please pray for our teaching team.
Australia Territory
TC: Commissioner Miriam Gluyas
CS : Colonel Winsome Merrett
Officers 1,576 (A668 / R908) Corps 287 Envoy 14 Aux-Captains 58 Cadets 14
Sr Soldier12,336 Jr Soldiers 1,635 Adherents 3,944
Prayer Requests:
1. For our rallying cry to become our reality: ‘Jesus-centred, Spirit led, Hope revealed’.
2. For the right leaders to rise up and to be raised up and tapped on the shoulder
3. For new ways of being and doing church to rise up across the nation.
4. The Israel/Palestine conflict, and the impact this is having in our Australian communities.
5. Ongoing guidance as The Salvation Army Australia responds to a country that refers to itself as ‘post-Christian’.
6. For deeper commitment to and seeking of discernment, so we can know God’s will, offer God thanksgiving and follow God’s plan.
7. Our A Year of Prayer national prayer initiative: that all Salvationists may embrace this, praying together, for each other, for our movement and for our nation.
8. That we would value the learnings of our young people and incorporate these into our movement’s future and present direction: willing to be uncomfortable, willing to try and fail, and making faith integral to all our plans and action.
12/04 Kowloon City Family Support Centre
Team Leader: Mr. Billy Wong
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the grassroots families in the Kowloon City area. May God protect families in need that they can receive suitable support and care so they can face different situations in life with peace and joy.
2. May God continue to use the Kowloon City Family Support Centre that we can be the salt and light of the community and walk with families in need.
3. May God watch over our colleagues. As there are new colleagues in the new year, may God protect us that we can work well with each other and serve the community. May God also care for our physical, mental, and spiritual health so we can serve joyfully.