always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.(Ephesians 5: 20)

Date Prayer Subjects
14/06 Booth Lodge
Operation Manager: Ms. Kaman Lo Ka Man
1. Pray that the epidemic will be over as soon as possible, and all colleagues and guests are in good health.
2. Pray that the hotel business will return to normal smoothly.
15/06 Iao Hon Corps
Overseen by Major Sara Tam Mei Shun
Project Officer: Mr. Vida Li
1. Give thanks for the safe environment of Macau, where Iao Hong Corps is located. May the Lord touch our brothers and sisters with the Spirit, so that they stay alert in this peaceful environment and continue to fervently seek the Word and guidance of God.
2. May God Himself lead Iao Hon Corps for our ministries in Macau, so that The Salvation Army’s evangelical work will be more effective in Macau. May God grant us the strength and presence of the Holy Spirit in all our ministries and events, so that we may influence more lives and more people will be saved.
16/06 Shek Wu School
Principal: Ms. Addy Cheung Wai Yee
1. Pray for peace and good health of our students, staff, and their families.
2. Pray for the studies of our students during the pandemic.
Taiwan Region
RC: Major David Kinsey
Officers 18(A14/R4) Envoy 1 Corps 5 Outpost 2
Sr Soldiers 208 Jr Soldiers 40
1. Pray for transition as the current leaders’ end of term is 16 June and the new Regional Commander Major Sara Tam will take up the appointment on 1 July.
2. Pray for the ongoing financial audits by the Ministry of the Interior. After over a decade’s effort, this hopefully will finally be brought to a conclusion.
2. Future leadership, including the new ‘Intern Programme’ and ‘Vocational Fellowship’. May Salvation Army Officership be seen as a valid option and response. Future leadership is the number one risk to the Region but we thank God that we are seeing signs of hope.
4. Thanks be to God for the totally unexpected financial provision which has secured the ministry of the Homeless Caring Centre for years to come.
18/06 Tai Po Day Care Centre for Senior Citizen
Team Leader: Ms. Monica Cher
1. Pray for our service users in the community. May the Lord grant them His grace and peace to them, keeping them safe and healthy from COVID-19.
2. Pray for our staff. May the Lord grant us the wisdom and strength to overcome the challenges and difficulties caused by the pandemic.
3. Pray for our new colleagues. May our work environment offer them the opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally, and also to have the attainment. May we have a close partnership with one another and enjoy the happiness and fulfillment here.