Date Prayer Topics

Finance Director: Ms. Wong Lai Yan, Helen

Prayer Topics :

  1. Pray to Lord to give us strength to demonstrate our integrity and professionalism in a field that demands our very best.
  2. Pray the staff have good health and wisdom to cope with our work.
  3. Pray that we remember to seek God’s help during difficult times and challenges and believe in Him.

Corps Officers : Major Wong Yut Fat, Alfred & Major Lai Hung Kiu, Agatha

Prayer topics :

1.      There was growth in tithes from Soldiers, brothers and sisters in the new financial year! In March, we shared biblical teachings many times through different ways, encouraging all to pay our tithes in whole as His beloved and chosen people. May God help fellow brothers and sisters to offer their tithes based not on their will but the truth.

2.      Pray for opportunities to spread the Gospel in school campuses and the community after school resumption. We have already missed the Gospel Week at the school, and the opportunities for evangelism in the Army kindergartens and the community during Easter. Pray that God will open the door to evangelism before summer vacation. Let us spread the good news of Jesus Christ in suitable ways with the best opportunities.


Head: Ms. Cheung Man Lai

Prayer topics :

1.      Pray for the current situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. May God keep all children, parents and staff in good physical and spiritual health. Pray that everyone can face and combat the epidemic with a positive attitude.

2.      Pray for school resumption. May the epidemic be under control soon, so that the young children can go back to school and enjoy a joyful and wonderful school life.

  1. Pray for the spreading of COVID-19 that has affected the lives, economy and all aspects of life in Hong Kong and around the globe. May God cure the sick. Keep the epidemic under control and put an end to it.


TC: Colonel Geoff Webb

CS : Lt.-Colonel Washington Daniel

Officers (A327/R101) Corps 132

Sr Soldiers 41,361 Jr Soldiers 9,601

Prayer Topics :

Praise Reports: Officers and Salvationists currently keeping safe and well during this health crisis.  Also praising God for approval of the visas for the TC/TPWM.


1.      Pray for the leadership of the Territory in the transition with the new CS/TSWM (all while the TC/TPWM have yet to physically arrive in the country)

2.      Ongoing safety and protection of officers and Salvationists during the COVID19 crisis as they seek to minister to others in need.

  1. Pray for continued creative ways for corps officers to connect with their corps folk.
15/5 WAH FU CENTRE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS (Senior Citizens Services)

Unit-in-charge: Mr. Wong Ho Nam, Martin, staff and those benefit from the programme

Prayer topics :

1.      Many elderly people living in Wah Fu Estate said that their lives have been affected during the epidemic, e.g. problem sourcing sufficient anti-epidemic items. Reduction of social life has also made them feel gloomy. May God bless the elderly living in the neighbourhood. Pray that they have joy in their hearts and safely overcome the epidemi.

2.      Recently, staff of Wah Fu Centre have tried to show care in different ways to elderly of the neighbourhood. May God guide us and grant us wisdom and strength to make our work relevant. Also pray for good health of our staff.