Date Prayer topics

Development Director: Mr. Leung Chi Hang, Wilfred

Prayer topics :

  1. Pray for the Development team and the preparation of our fundraising activities for the rest of 2020.
  2. Pray for our corporate partners as they face the various challenges under the pandemic and our partnership together in serving the community.

Corps Officer : Major Lam Yin Ming, Jeremy

Prayer Topics :

  1. Pray for the upcoming broadcast of Sunday Holiness Meeting for children and adult. Brothers and sisters will still have the opportunity to learn the Word of God in the epidemic.
  2. In the epidemic, pray for the brothers and sisters who work in the educational and medical fields, so that they have the ability to face various challenges and pressure. Pray that God will keep them healthy.
  3. Pray for the young people who will take the DSE this year. The examination will be rescheduled and postponed, hoping that the impact will be minimised.
  4. The elderly space services of the Army have been suspended. Pray for the elderly to remain cheerful and peaceful in the epidemic.

Head: Ms. Chau Ka Yin

Prayer topics :

  1. Pray for our children. Under the epidemic, they cannot go to school or go out to play, and are always staying home. May our Heavenly Father grant them good health both physically and emotionally.
  2. Pray for our children’s parents. They are worried about their children and family’s health under the epidemic. Some of them even face a wage reduction or loss of job. May our Heavenly Father give them strength to face adversity and keep their hearts.
  3. Pray for staff of our school. May our Heavenly Father grant them good health.


TC: Commissioner Edwin Masih 

CS : Lt.-Colonel Chawnghlut Vanlalfela 

Officers (A407/R228) Corps 274 Cadets 28 

Sr Soldiers 48,860 Jr Soldiers 1,007

Prayer Topics :

  1. Please pray for our Territory so all can work together according to Theme 2020 “Care and Share” 
  2. Pray for our youth and children to get new Candidates in future.
  3. New Governance Implementation in Territory.
  4. Financial Development for the Ministry/Self Support/ financial sustainability.
  5. Please pray for Spiritual Growth in Territory – Spiritual life Development for Officers and Soldiers.
  6. Please pray for Officers Training Colleges and Cadet Field Training Appointment. 
  7. Territorial Project – Fakir Singh Chapel and Retreat Centre at Aatmapur, our historical place for Indian Salvation Army, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Army works in India.