This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.(賽30:15)

Date Prayer Subjects
03/10 Kowloon West Corps
Corps Officers: Captain Linda Fung
1. We are grateful for the Corps’ one-year anniversary! We give thanks to God for leading our brothers and sisters to have unity in serving the community and spreading the gospel of God’s love.
2. Please pray for the Corps’ work in nurturing children to become Junior Soldiers. May God help children to follow Jesus Christ from a young age.
04/10 Chan Kwan Tung Kindergarten
Head: Ms. Mak Mui Ling
1. Due to the decrease in the number of children and the demand for schools in the district, our school adjusted our future development and recruitment strategy. In the coming days, Chan Kwan Tung Kindergarten will admit more Non-Chinese Speaking students. There will be considerable changes in teacher training and curriculum. I hope everyone will have the wisdom and courage to overcome the challenges in the future.
2. As the epidemic stabilized, all school affairs (including school hours, refreshments arrangements, and group activities) have gradually resumed normal. We hope the health of all staff, students and parents of Chan Kwan Tung Kindergarten will be blessed.
India South Western Territory
TC: Colonel John William Polimetla 
CS: Lt.-Colonel Jeyaraj Daniel Jebasingh Raj
Officers 621 (A284 / R337) Aux-Capts 18 Corps 318 Outposts & societies 12
Sr Soldiers 28,119 Jr Soldiers 2,189 Adherents 5,063
To praise
1. The Territory has new leadership since May 2023 – Colonel John William and Colonel Ratna Sundari Polimetla.
2. Conference of Senior Leaders held 04 & 05 July 2023, enabled new leadership to understand better of the territory.
To Pray
1. Self-Denial efforts have begun, pray that funds would come as prayed and planned throughout the territory.
2. Better functioning of Governance system, by adhering to the regulations of committees and Councils, approved by THQ.
06/10 Kam Tin Residence for Senior Citizens
Assistant Service Supervisor: Ms. Chan Yin Ling
1. Please pray for the elderly and our colleagues. May everyone be blessed with physical and spiritual health and filled with joy.
2. The Residence will undergo the second phase of the recognition process for The Eden Alternative®. May God strengthen us to “Creating Eden Together and Walking forward together ”. May God help us to have the confidence to gain the recognition and build an Eden home for the elderly.