He may let them rest in a feeling of security, but his eyes are on their ways. (Job 24:23)

Date Prayer Subjects
02/05 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Cecilia Codoy
1. Please continue to Pray for the Online Pastoral Care ministries of the Corps through online/phone counseling session, Bible Study, Daily (Dawn) Devotional Reflection, MASIC programme for Domestic Helpers and Community Services Programme for Hong Kong Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH) and the Friendship Evangelism. May these ministries continue to meet and encourage the needs of ESC Community.
2. Continue to pray for the Generous life ministry and comrades to remain steadfast while looking for a new place of worship. Let the provision of a new place become an opportunity to thrive and bring more souls at the feet of Jesus.
03/05 Centaline Charity Fund Queens Hill School
School Head:Mr. Daniel Lo
1. Please pray for our students’ health.
2. Please pray that God would bless the change in our School’s headmaster in the new school year.
Canada and Bermuda Territory
TC: Commissioner Floyd Tidd
CS: Colonel Evie Diaz
Officers 1,512 (A577 / R935) Aux-Capts 10 Corps 274 Outpost 2 Cadets 24
Sr Soldiers 15,401 Jr Soldiers 1,847 Adherents 29,209
Petition :
1. Upcoming “Inspire” Territorial Conference & Congress, June 26 – July 2, 2023 and visit of General Brian and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle: That this would be a time of renewal and inspiration for our territory, as a intentional focus is placed on corps mission and strengthening spiritual health.
2. Strengthening Spiritual Health: That a renewed emphasis on strengthening a disciple-making culture will help us develop robust and authentic disciples, will help our ministry units be places of holiness and spiritual vibrancy, and will help our communities of faith flourish, having transformative impact on neighbourhoods where The Salvation Army is present.
3. Optimizing Mission Impact: That personal and corporate lives and communities of faith would be transforming influences in the places where The Salvation Army is present, placing ministry efforts where we are most needed and can be most effective for the kingdom’s sake. That work being done to evaluate and refine our systems would further strengthen the ability to deliver effective, holistic ministry and mission.
05/05 Cheung Hong Community Day Rehabilitation and Residential Service
Unit in Charge: Mr. Ma Ching Wan