But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. (Psalm 86: 15)

Date Prayer Subjects
01/06 Tin Ka Ping School
Head:Mr. Eric Chan
1. May God keep our students and their family in good health, both physically and mentally, and stable financial status during the epidemic.
2. Give thanks to the Lord for the school’s full resumption of classes. We pray for good health, strength and wisdom for our staff to deal with the rapidly changing epidemic, so that the school can provide a suitable environment for students to learn and grow in the love of the Lord.
3. To pray that school will have better development opportunity. May God provide us with better equipment and sufficient space, so that our students can have a more diverse and comprehensive development. May God grant us wisdom and keep us. Open our hearts and minds to walk in God’s will and receive His blessings.
Finland and Estonia Territory
TC: Colonel Patrick Naud
CS: Major Saga Lippo
Officers 115 (A39/ R76) Envoys 4 Corps 27 Cadets 4
Sr Soldiers 693 Jr Soldiers 22 Adherents 182
2022 in Finland, TSA celebrates ’100 years of Women’s Ministries’:

  • Please, pray that this year will be a good opportunity for new engagements of young people in the mission towards women and families.
  • For the very special women’s conference planned on 14-15 October in Helsinki
  • For a great celebration meeting in Helsinki Temple with special guests, Salvationists and friends of Finland & Estonia on 15 October in the afternoon.

After this long Covid-19 pandemic which is still going on…

  • Please, pray that officers be strengthend and encouraged to develop new mission opportunities and ministries for all generations

Please, pray:

  • For new people coming to faith in corps, outposts and in social units
  • For new members taking commitments as soldiers, junior soldiers, local officers, and adherents
  • For new candidates and cadets
  • For the development of our strategy in order to find new ways of creative and innovative activities