Prayer Subjects of January 2023

Because the LORD your God keeps his eye on this land and takes care of it all year long.  (CEV) (Deuteronomy 11:12)

Date Prayer Subjects
03/01 William Booth Corps
Corps Officer: Major Bruce Tam
1. Discipleship
2. Looking for a successor for local officers
04/01 Kam Tin Nursery School
School Head:Ms. Lai Wai Hung
1. Please pray for the good health of all staff, children and parents of our school,
2. In addition, entrust the training of new members in the team, and ask God to guide and bless the team so that they can grow with professional knowledge.
Russia Command
OC: Lt-Colonel Alexander Kharkov
GS: Major Svetlana Sharova
Officers 25(A17, R8) Corps 15 Cadets 3
Sr Soldiers 246 Junior Soldiers 29 adherents 151
1. For new opportunities for evangelism and ministry in the current conditions;
2. For the spiritual and physical strengthening of Officers and Leaders of the Corps;
3. For the displaced persons from the conflict zone, whom the Salvation Army in Russia helps to the best of its ability.
06/01 Residential Care Service for Children and Youth
Superintendant: Ms. Katherina Lee
1. Thank you God for walking with us during the outbreak of COVID. Our young resident and staff are able to recover and adjust to the new normal. As more younger age users and those are with special education need are entering our services, we pray for their them and their families to adapt the new change, motivate them to work together to achieve family reunion.
2. Pray for our residential staff. Facing manpower shortage and pressure from residential childcare service review and upcoming law with child abuse mandatory reporting, may God grant us peace and strength, accompany us through the upcoming changes.