The God of peace be with you all. Amen. (Romans 15: 33)

Date Prayer Subjects
USA Central Territory
TC: Commissioner Bradford Bailey
CS: Colonel Steven Howar
Officers 1,096 (A599/R497) Aux-Capts 25 Corps246
Cadets 47 Sr Soldiers 13,381 Adherent 2,001 Jr Soldiers 2,681
1. Strength for front line officers as they continue to minister in the midst of the pandemic.
2. ARC Beneficiaries finding their way through recovery and wholeness.
3. Ongoing building projects, campaigns and studies to meet the needs of our communities.
4. Individuals seeking to follow God’s plan through Officership in The Salvation Army. 5. A spirit of unity for those who serve in the name of Jesus.
6. A shared vision of mission and purpose.
04/02 Urban Renewal Social Service Team
Service Supervisor: Ms Jessica Lam
1. Pray for good health in the body, mind and soul of our service users and service team. Pray that the pandemic situation will have minimal effect on their daily life and work.
2. The unit’s service contract will end in June 2023. Pray for the unit’s future development. May God grant us a smooth process in the application for a new phase of service, so that our service team may continue serving the residents of the local community.