Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever. (Psalm 136:3)
Date Prayer Subjects
01/02 Corporate Communications Department
Corporate Communications Director: Ms. Eva, Chow Tsz Wa
1. Thank God for the Department has smoothly completed all the projects related to the 90th anniversary in the challenging year of 2020.
2. May God continue to guide the Department in the year 2021. May we enhance the Army’s internal and external communication through various communications tasks.
3. There is a new colleague in the Department. May God help her to adapt to the new workplace soon. Pray that the team will work in one accord. May God bless all colleagues with good health and be strengthened in serving the Lord.
02/02 William Booth Corps
Corps Officer: Major Alice, Tam Law Wei Fong
1. Pray for brothers and sisters of the Corps as they learn together to ‘Become a Disciple.Grow in Spirit’.
2. We intercede and give thanks for the Corps can continue serving the community (Tsz Wan Shan, Tung Tau, Chuk Yuen and William Booth Secondary School) during the pandemic.
03/02 Lai Chi Kok Nursery School
Head: Ms. Wong Yuen Yee
1. Pray for good health for the staff and children of the School. Grant the School Head and teachers wisdom as they prepare curriculum and teaching methods suitable for children, so as to keep up the children’s interest in learning and continue to grow and learn during the pandemic.
2. May God keep all parents of the School’s children. As they have to work and take care of the children, pray that they can manage well both financially and emotionally.
Eastern Europe Territory
TC: Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge
CS : Lt.-Colonel Richard Borrett
Officers 103(A94/R9) Corps 36 Cadets 12
Sr Soldiers 1,248 Jr Soldiers 303
1. For SA ministry during this season of Covid-19. May God continue to protect our officers and soldiers as they seek to serve their communities.
2. For our progress as we are establishing Salvation Army ministry in Bulgaria at this time. Specifically for the legal and administrative issues we are facing, and for more key local relationships to be built.
3. For wisdom and guidance as we finalise our Territorial Strategic Plan for the next five years.
4. For success in our newly embraced fundraising strategies, that the Territory might become less dependent on financial assistance from overseas.
5. For the officers of our Institute of Officer Training and the cadets of the Messengers of Grace and the Messengers of Reconciliation Session. As they continue their training across four different nations, may the current disruptions to the training programme not prove to be detrimental to them.
6. That God will continue to raise up men and women to offer themselves for officer leadership.
7. For our Youth and Children’s ministries, including all who work with our young people. May God continue doing His new thing among them and may these ministries prosper and flourish.
05/02 Health And Nursing Service
Health and Nursing Service Supervisor: Ms. Jessie, Chan Yuk Sim
1. May our nursing team constantly provide a professional and hearty caring services to our users, especially under the COVID-19 pandemic when the no-visit policy has been in place for nearly 1 year.
2. May God prepare suitable frontline caring staff (nurses, personal care workers and workmen) to fill the serious vacancies in some of our residential Homes.