‘’I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.’’ (Psalm 119:11)

Date Prayer Subjects
01/08 Women’s Ministries
Command President of Women’s Ministries: Lieut-Colonel Wendy Lee
1. Pray that God will give all the Corps Officers and their Corps WM ladies wisdom and to enable them to plan interesting and meaningful programme to attract more neighbouring ladies to join them.
2. Pray that the women will continue to be active in their evangelism and reaching out to them.
3. Pray for the success of our ongoing Helping Hand Project.
02/08 William Booth Corps
Corps Officer: Major Bruce Tam
1. Pray for the Evangelical Meeting for S1 new students to be held on 10 and 11 August.
2. Pray for welcoming/receiving S1 new students of the Corps’ Secondary Students’ Fellowship.
03/08 Tsuen Wan Family Store
Senior Shop Manager: Ms. Maggie Chan
1. Pray that the pandemic will soon be gone, so that the world will resume normal. Everyone can reconnect with their friends and family and enjoy good health.
2. Pray for smooth operation at work for all colleagues.
04/08 Mexico Territory
TC: Colonel Ricardo Fernandez
CS: Lieut-Colonel Leonardo Fernandez
Officers 180(A128, R52) Envoy 1 Corps 51 Cadets 7 Outposts 1
Sr Soldiers 1,338 Adherents 786 Jr Soldiers 654
1. For the journey to Governance in the Territory.
2. For spirit revival throughout Officers and Soldiers, so we cand have men and women for the service of God.
3. For the candidates entering the Officers Training College, that they can be taught and formed as officers of ‘Blood and Fire’.
4. For children and youth in the Territory, so they can be a solid base in each corps of the Territory and bring more young people to meet Christ and make Him their Saviour.
5. For Officers who will have appointment changes in August and that God continues using them for his Kingdom growth.
05/08 Palliative Care in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly
Project In-charge: Ms. Shirley Wong
1. Pray for elders with terminal illnesses and their families. Pray that their physical and psychosocial-spiritual needs will be addressed and embraced with inner peace.
2. May God grant all our team members and colleagues of the participating units strength to take care of late-stage elderly patients and the bereaved in the epidemic.