Helping the grassroots alleviate housing problems

Caring for tenants’ overall needs by ‘Holistic BMIs’

The Salvation Army ‘To・Gather’ @ Sam Shing Transitional Housing Project  officially accepts applications for tenancy from June 1. It can support the vulnerable groups not only by providing suitable housing environment, but also providing holistic services for tenants to start a new life. An index named ‘Holistic BMIs’ is established to care for the tenants’ physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. The Salvation Army ‘To・Gather’ @ Sam Shing is expected to provide 123 units and to serve around 400 people in need.

The Salvation Army ‘To・Gather’ @ Sam Shing is located in Tuen Mun Sam Shing Estate. The ex-Salvation Army Sam Shing Chuen Lau Ng Ying School premises in the estate has been approved by the Transport and Housing Bureau to be transformed into a transitional housing project. The main block of the project is a 7-storey building equipped with a lift and includes 1-2-person units, 3-4-person units and accessible units. The project aims to help grassroots families and singles alleviate housing problems with reasonable rent. Each unit includes a toilet, a shower and a cooking area (for using induction cookers only), and is equipped with a single zone induction cooker, a window-type air conditioner and a storage electric water heater. Part of the school premises is converted into multi-purpose activity rooms and common areas for tenants.

In addition to providing a suitable living environment, the project also focuses on enhancing the overall quality of life of the tenants. The Salvation Army thus establishes the index called ‘Holistic BMIs’ (Body, Mind, Inner Spirit), a comprehensive assessment that help evaluates the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the tenants. It is expected to serve the tenants with guidance and counseling and hoped the tenants can take care of their overall needs with help in establishing healthy habits, cultivating a positive attitude towards life and inner joy and enhancing self-confidence.

Eligibility Criteria
Type A — Applicant who has been on the application waiting list for public rental housing (PRH) for not less than 3 years. The applicant must have been issued a blue acknowledgement card (1-4 persons) from the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA);
— The applicant and his/her family member(s) must meet Housing Authority’s prevailing policies and eligibility criteria for applying for PRH (including but not limited to family size, Income and Asset value)
— The information of the applicant and his/her family member(s) provided in this application must be the same as that in the PRH application.
Type B — Applicant must be a Hong Kong resident of 18 years old or above;
— Applicant and his/her family member(s) are now living in inadequate housing conditions or with imminent housing needs, and meet the Income and Asset Limits for applying for PRH;
— Applicant and his/her family must be referred by a Corps Officer of The Salvation Army or Social Worker of service units recognised by the Hong Kong Government.

Applications can be submitted by email, post or in person. Deadline is 5:00p.m., June 30, 2022.


For detailed application information, please visit the project website:


About The Salvation Army

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