To well-equipped the students for the DSE examinations, despite the pandemic, The Salvation Army William Booth Secondary School continued to uphold their profession and provided academic, emotional support to the students, so that they are well-equipped for the examinations. Overall, the School has achieved satisfactory results in DSE. 100% passing rate was scored in Physics, Chemistry, Tourism and Hospitality Studies; Geography and History achieved 90% passing rate while the passing rate of ICT and Liberal Studies also reached over 80%. All subjects performed better than or on par with the overall passing rate this year.

CHOW, the DSE student of the school, has been infected with COVID-19 before having the examinations. With her efforts and the support from the School and William Booth Corps, she achieved remarkable result in DSE. She was even offered first choice in JUPAS and will be studying Translation in Chinese University of Hong Kong in the coming September 2022. Congratulations to her success.

The Salvation Army is committed to provide quality care and education continuously. The School and William Booth Corps will continue supporting students helping to achieve higher.

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