The heart-breaking news about the war in Ukraine recently may make us feel helpless, but The Salvation Army is doing all we can to help.

One of the immense strengths of The Salvation Army is that we already have a presence in Ukraine and in the bordering countries. So, when war started and we could see families starting to flee and head for the borders, we were ready to support them with practical and emotional support at the crossing points.

Both within Ukraine and across neighbouring countries, we are handing out provisions to refugees such as food, water, hygiene items and blankets. Here are just a few examples of the aid The Salvation Army is providing at the moment.

Ukraine: In various locations across Ukraine The Salvation Army is responding to the needs of internally displaced persons by providing urgently needed food and hygiene items.
Moldova: The Salvation Army is providing free assistance to refugees from Ukraine including temporary accommodation, hot meals and drinks, access to Wi-Fi so people can stay in touch and other necessary items.
Poland: The Salvation Army is currently busy preparing relief parcels for Ukrainian refugees coming into the country.
Slovakia: Salvation Army personnel are travelling to a town 50 km from the Ukraine border to assess the situation. They are working on a plan of action in preparation for accommodation, material needs and emotional support.
Czech Republic: The Salvation Army in Czech Republic has available capacity in residential centres, so they stand ready to provide support.
Russia: There are over 60,000 displaced people in southern Russia. The Salvation Army is responding to their needs by providing food, hygiene and other relief items.
Romania: The Salvation Army in Romania has formed an emergency team, filled a car with essential items and is on the way to the border to offer support to refugees seeking support in Romania.

At this time we are aware that The Salvation Army in other European countries are also planning to respond to the needs of refugees arriving there.

Hope you will keep the Ukrainian people in your prayers while we continue to support them on the ground as best we can. The Salvation Army is not only responding to immediate need but will continue to support over the longer term, adapting to the needs that arise as the situation develops.

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