This is a Call to Prayer for all Salvationists and friends to be united as one in prayer. For a time like this, we believe in the power of prayer as we rise up and seek God together on behalf of Hong Kong, Macau and the nations of the world. We ask that we pause to lift up our prayers to Almighty God at 1 pm together. So set the alarm in your handphone to remind you to pray. So, wherever we are, at 1 pm, we will pause and pray for ONE MINUTE together for Hong Kong and Macau. As the Spirit leads you and if it is convenient, you can pray for five, ten, fifteen minutes or longer. We believe in the power of united prayer. Together we will pray as one.

Focus on God

Facing much uncertainties these days, we turn towards God and acknowledge that:
God is all-loving. He loves us with an everlasting love.
God is in all-knowing. Nothing escapes His attention.
God is all-present. He is always with us in every situation.
God is all-powerful. Nothing is impossible for Him to handle.
God is all-wise. He works for our best interests.
God is all-merciful. His grace will always enable us.
God is in control. Nothing is beyond Him.
God is our Father. We are His beloved and favored.

Focus on Hong Kong and Macau

Facing much anxieties around us, we pray for:
The sick: For good diagnosis, quick recovery and healing
The Healthcare workers: God’s protection, strong immunity and stamina
Researchers: Breakthrough in discovering the vaccine, treatment and medication
Decision makers: Wisdom to make the right decision in the right time
Church Leaders: Courage and strength to lead the way, zeal to persevere
Christians: Faith to overcome, love to reach out to others
Unsaved: Divine revelation, opportunity to receive Jesus
Hong Kong/Macau: Peace, Deeper bonding, stronger social cohesion
Nations: A complete end of infections and healing, giving Glory to God.

‘But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.’ Psalm 3:3