‘To・Gather’ @ Sam Shing Transitional Housing Project is remodelled and transformed from the ex-Salvation Army Sam Shing Chuen Lau Ng Ying School premises. The project aims to provide a suitable living environment for the disadvantaged and to care for residents’ physical, mental, and spiritual health of its tenants through quality holistic services, assisting tenants to adapt to a new environment and start a new life.

Making the best of the original school space, The Salvation Army gives the old building a second life and provides a comfortable public space for tenants, so they can feel recharged away from the hectic city life. We also proactively collaborate with different organisations – a non-profit organisation upcycled some wooden pallets discarded by some corporates to embellish the public space of ‘To‧Gather’, so our tenants at the compound can enjoy the functional and beautiful living space.