Do you know the origin of Self-Denial Appeal?

The Self-Denial Appeal started in 1886 when General William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army (the Army), called Salvationists to give sacrificially and deny themselves for sharing the Gospel and offering God’s love to a hurting world. Officer of the Army, Major Commissioner John Carleton, then thought of saving three pence every night by going without raisin pudding after dinner, which would save fifty shillings for a year to support the Army’s overseas work.

本年度的克己運動將於5月至7月舉行,奉獻將會用作支持「國際克己運動基金 」及救世軍中國內地事工。

This year, the annual event of Self-Denial Appeal will be held between May and July. Donations will contribute to the International Self-Denial Fund and Mainland China Ministries.

In spite of their terrible ordeal of suffering, their abundant joy and deep poverty have led them to be abundantly generous. (2 Corinthians 8:2)

The theme of this year’s Self-Denial Appeal is ‘Love in Action’. Let’s uphold the spirit of General William Booth and follow Commissioner John Carleton’s selfless action. From now on, dedicate every cent we save and bring God’s love and blessings to people in need, and improve the lives of millions with the love of Jesus.

Activity Date
Self-Denial Appeal Donation May to July
Self-Denial Walkathon (Physical Activity) 1 May(Wednesday)
Self-Denial Altar Service 4 July(Thursday)
Self-Denial Walkathon

Each year, the Self-Denial Walkathon attracts nearly 800 participants from the Army’s Corps, schools, and units. This year, the ‘Love in Action’ Walkathon will be held physically on 1 May 2024 (Wed, Public Holiday) at the Quarry Bay Park. We look forward to gathering members from different units and to raising funds for the International Self-Denial Fund and Mainland China Ministries.

Event Details

Date :1 May 2023 (Wednesday, Public Holiday)

Time: 10:30am – 1:30pm

Venue: Quarry Bay Park

Minimum Donation Amount
Adult (Age 18 or above) $150
Elderly (Age 65 or above) $70
Child & Teenager (Age 3 – 17) $70
Infant (Age 2 or below) Waived

Event Procedure



A complimentary gift pack will be given to all participants who complete the challenge. In recognition of the enthusiastic involvement of all participating units and individuals, we are giving out two special awards – ‘The Highest Fundraising Amount Award’ (by individual participants, corps, schools, units and departments and including Self-Denial and Walkathon fundraising amount) and ‘The Most Outstanding Participation Award’ (by corps, schools, units and departments).

Self-Denial Piggy Bank Charity Sale
 This year the highly popular ‘Self-Denial Piggy Bank’ series of charity products from last year is also available. It is hoped that the Piggy Banks will not only encourage everyone to practice what they preach and selflessly contribute, but also promote the concept of environmental protection. Let’s all use the cute Piggy Banks to save up for donations in the years to come!