The massive earthquake and devastating tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 2011 touched the hearts of the people in Hong Kong. The generous donation from the Hong Kong people has enabled The Salvation Army to deliver emergency supplies to the people affected. Practical support such as hot meals, beddings and heaters were provided to help the survivors resist the first freezing winter.
Two years after, the rehabilitation in the affected areas is still underway. Most of the survivors have moved into the temporary housing, striving to adapt to the new living environment. The Salvation Army has been walking hand in hand with them on the road to recovery. Fishing boats, trucks and fishing equipment were provided to the affected fishermen to resume the local fishing industry. Shopping streets were developed to boost the district economy. Continuous care and companionship are the most needed of the affected people. Over the last two years, The Salvation Army has regularly held recreational and therapeutic activities for the elderly and children. The Army has also organised shopping tours, teaming up people in Japan to support the economy of the affected areas.

Thank you for your support

Thank you very much for donors who places their trust in The Salvation Army. Your generosity has enabled us to walk with the affected people on the road to recovery.

The Salvation Army in Japan

The Salvation Army has been work in Japan since 1895. More than 80 services units are currently operated across Japan.