The 8.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Wenchuan, Sichuan Province on 12 May 2008 took away the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The Salvation Army has been working with the survivors in Shifang City, Mianzhu City and Luoji.

Rehabilitation Highlights

Medical and Rehabilitation

  • 286 village clinics with basic medical equipment were completed in Shifang City, Mianzhu City and Luojiang County. It is expected that a total of 348 village clinics serving 1.03 million people in the rural areas will be provided.
  • Ambulances and medical equipment for people with disabilities are being purchased for the Wanan Township Hospital, Luojiang County. The programme will benefit more than 1,300 people with physical disabilities.
  • Ambulances and medical equipment were provided to 6 village clinics and hospitals in Loujiang County benefiting 120,000 people with better medical care.

Children and Education

  • Furniture and teaching equipment were provided to 4 newly-constructed schools in Zitong County enabling 5,100 students and teachers to study in a safe environment.
  • The post-earthquake economy forced many parents to find employment in urban areas causing many children to be left behind in rural villages as a result. The Salvation Army is working with primary and secondary schools of Zitong County to conduct a counselling programme for the “left-behind children”. Workshops on addressing the children’s psychological needs are organised for teachers and parents.

Infrastructure and Livelihood Restoration

  • The construction of 4 irrigation ditches, 3 irrigation stations and 1 pond in Yanjia Township, Luojiang County were completed in February 2010. Together with the projects in Zhongxin Village, Guangji Township, Mianzhu City, the irrigation and drinking water rehabilitation programme benefits nearly 6,000 people.
  • Fruit tree saplings and agricultural training were provided to 1,500 farmers in Wujialing Village, Jinshan Township, Luojiang County to improve their agricultural income.