Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Salvation Army is deeply committed to fighting modern slavery and human trafficking. Modern slavery is an umbrella term including human trafficking for sex, labour or organs, exploitative labour practices, child labour and early and forced marriage. It involves not just individuals but also social and economic systems.

The Salvation Army believes in the biblical principles of the inherent and equal value of all persons and the duty to care for one’s neighbour. The exploitation of human beings
commodifies and dehumanises the individuals who are trafficked, rewards the inhumanity of the traffickers, and weakens the moral, social and economic fabric of society. The Salvation Army is opposed to the abuse of power against other human beings that is inherent in modern slavery and human trafficking.

Addressing modern slavery and human trafficking must involve addressing both supply and demand. The Salvation Army is committed to achieving justice by working with all involved. Restoration of persons who have been exploited and traumatised may be a long and complex process. Recognition of their inherent dignity, and restoration of choice
and control of their own lives are critical.

Modern slavery and human trafficking needs to be stopped. Everyone has the responsibility, both individuals and institutions, to work for the liberation of those who have been
subjected to slavery and trafficking. Legal and social mechanisms to stop slavery and trafficking must be established and those involved held to account. Transformation and healing of hearts and minds of everyone involved in modern slavery and human trafficking is both necessary and possible.

International Day of Prayer 2023


‘I Have Heard Their Cries’

24 September 2023

Modern slavery and human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom across the globe to an estimated 49.6 million people. That’s women, men, girls, and boys, forced into different forms of labour, sex trafficking, and forced marriages.

Across the world today, The Salvation Army stands united in this fight for freedom by joining together to pray for people who have experienced modern slavery and human trafficking. We want to be praying for the families left behind and for the Church to rise up and fight. We want to pray for an end to the demand that fuels modern slavery and human trafficking and for the traffickers and exploiters who engage and benefit off this social injustice.

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