This is my first time joining The Salvation Army Charity Orienteering. Is there anything we need to pay attention to?

The Salvation Army Charity Orienteering 2023 is different from any other Orienteering event. Each team will be given a wordless map to walk through checkpoints and complete tasks to gain scores. We will send an e-booklet on the details of the activity to participants two weeks before the event.

Is there any age restriction?

All participants in the Corporate and Open Class must be aged 15 or above on the event day. For the Family Class, the team should include at least one member aged 18 or above with at least one member aged 3 to 14.

When should I arrive at the starting point? What materials will the Organiser provide?

On the event day, participants should arrive at the event centre according to the instruction of the Organiser to register with their email address and pick up the Bib, Map, and E-Card. Other souvenirs and gifts will be distributed at the finish point.

Can the team go on competing if there are members absent from the event?

If this is the case but the team still has two or more members, the team can still participate in the event. Please inform us through email at Please provide your team number, name of your team leader, and telephone number in the email.

Can we continue if the bib is lost during the event?

Please report to the Event Centre immediately before continuing with the event. Violation might lead to disqualification.

Can we continue if the E-card is lost or damaged during the event?

Please report to the Event Centre (+852 9783 2250) immediately to activate the backup system of the record so as to continue the event. An extra fee will be charged for losing an E-card (HK$500/card).

Is there any official tee for the event?

No, but participants are advised to wear lightweight sportswear and must always put on the bib during the event. In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the orienteering event, a special award of ‘The Best Costume Award’ is set up. Photos will be taken for each team and the result will be announced and the award will be presented after the orienteering. To enter the competition, costumes must contain the element of ‘10’.

Is there any baggage storage service?

The Organiser does not provide baggage storage service. Participants should wear proper lightweight sportswear for the event.

 Enrolment Procedures

How do I know that my enrolment is successful

An enrolment confirmation email will be sent to your team leader on the same day when we received your online enrolment. If the enrolment is made through mail or fax, the confirmation email will be sent within 1 week.

Can I first enrol and then submit the minimum donation amount?

Yes, please submit the minimum donation amount on or before 23:59PM on 22 October 2023 to reserve your place in the event. Due to limited capacity, all enrolments are first-come-first-served, subject to the submission date of the minimum donation amount. We suggest participants to submit the amount first to secure the enrolment.

Can I amend my team’s submitted name list?

Any amendment must be submitted to The Salvation Army one week before the event date, or else the amendments will not be accepted. The donation raised will reside in the respective team without reimbursement.

When will I receive the confirmation for entry?

Confirmation emails of the entry will be sent to team leaders within one week after receiving the minimum fundraising amount.

What should I do if I have not received any emails?

The email may be marked as spam. Please check your spam or junk mailbox. If you still cannot find our emails, please contact us at 2783 2323.

Inclement Weather Arrangement

What is the contingency arrangement for inclement weather conditions?

In case of Red Rainstorm Signal / Black Rainstorm Signal / Typhoon Signal No.8 or above hoisted three hours before the event, the event will be cancelled. We will inform team leaders via whatsapp messages and details will be posted on the event’s Facebook. In case of Red Rainstorm Signal / Black Rainstorm Signal / Typhoon Signal No.8 or above hoisted during the event, the event will be cancelled or temporarily paused. All participants should take refuge in safe and sheltered areas and pay attention to the announcements and whatsapp messages from The Salvation Army. If the event is cancelled due to bad weather or under any other circumstances, it will not be rerun. Donations will not be refunded.