But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit. (Jude 20)

Date Prayer Subjects
21/08 Human Resources Department
Finance & Human Resources Administrator: Ms. Agnes Ng
1. Pray for the whole team members and their families can have a healthy living.
2. Pray for the existing systems and on hand projects can run and deploy smoothly and successfully.
22/08 English Speaking Corps
Corps Officer: Captain Cecilia Codoy
1. Continue to pray for the Generous life, Pastoral care ministry and comrades to remain steadfast while looking for a new place of worship. Let the provision of a new place become an opportunity to thrive and bring more souls at the feet of Jesus.
2. Please pray for the Community Services Programme for Foreign Domestic Helpers in ESC. May these ministry intended for them continue to meet and encourage the needs of ESC Community.
23/08 Wanchai Family Store
Senior Sales: Mr. Jovi Fung
1. God, please grant us wisdom to speak encouragingly to introduce the benefits of recycling to our customers and raise their awareness of environmental protection, glorifying your name.
Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory
TC: Colonel Cedric Hills
CS: Lt.-Colonel Hartmut Leisinger
Officers 117 (A61 / R56 Corps 36 Outposts 4 ) Aux-Captain 1 Envoys 1
Sr Soldiers 701 Jr Soldiers 72 Adherents 394
1. The on-going ministry and support to Ukrainian refugees in all 3 countries of our Territory.
2. Special events planned for 2023

  • Summer Camp for Teens and Music Camp – restarting after the COVID break
  • Territorial PREPARE (Emergency) Training in Warsaw
  • Territorial Leaders conference in October.
  • Women’s Weekend in November
25/08 Bradbury Home of Loving Kindness
Service Supervisor (adjunct Superintendent): Mr. Francis Au
1. Please pray for our residents and their families. May they always be peaceful and joyful, appreciating each other’s love and experiencing Christ through the love.
2. Please pray for all our staff. May we all do our best to serve the elderly with the philosophy of ‘Heart to God, Hand to Man’, testifying for Christ’s love.
3. Please pray for all those in illness and suffering. May they have hope in times of pain and challenges and keep relying on Christ.