Date Prayer Topics

Educational Services Director : Dr. Cheng Kai Yuen, Carl

Prayer Topics :

  1. May God grant wisdom to teachers of our schools and preschools on supporting students’ learning via different platforms and means during the time of class suspension. 
  2. May God protect the students and staff of our schools and preschools, and grant them physical and spiritual health in a time of pandemic.

Corps Officer : Captain Fung So Ling, Linda

Prayer Topics :

  1. Pray for sufficient instructors and space for further development of Young People’s Soldiers of Tai Po Corps.
  2. Give thanks and pray for young alumni of Shek Wu School returning to the Corps, so that we may accept and nurture their spiritual growth.
  3. Pray for the renovation project in which a room for group meeting and Corps Officer will be added. Pray for God’s preparation.

Head: Ms. Chan Ka Yee

Prayer Topics :

  1. We praise and give thanks to our Lord for keeping our children, parents and staff in good health under the severe outbreak of the epidemic, and that everyone cares about one another. During this difficult period,, some parents are worried about their livelihood and shortage of anti-epidemic materials. Pray for God’s mercy and keeping on them, that they will receive timely assistance and stay safe during the epidemic.
  2. We entrust to God our preparation and arrangement for school suspension and the upcoming resumption of school. May God’s power be with us. Pray that we can make the most suitable arrangement for our children and their parents with God-given wisdom. Pray that God will put an end to the epidemic soon, so that everyone will resume to a regular and healthy lifestyle and school life.