Adhering to the principles of ‘Focus, Fun, Faith’ and Promoting Diverse Joint-School Activities to Facilitate Integration Between the Two Schools

(Hong Kong, 26 June 2024) In response to the structural changes in Hong Kong’s student population in recent years, The Salvation Army took the initiative to propose to the Education Bureau last year to merge The Salvation Army Ann Wyllie Memorial School (Wylie School) and The Salvation Army Centaline Charity Fund School (Centaline School) in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island. By integrating the two schools’ teaching and learning experiences and resources, we hope to respond to the changing needs of the district and provide students with a better learning environment and enriching learning experience, thus establishing a ‘Christianised Joyful School Campus’.

Through a Merger Task Force, the school sponsoring body has established a close liaison and communication network with stakeholders of the two schools, including students, parents, and teaching staff teams. The Task Force is dedicated to listening to and understanding the needs of all stakeholders, and adhering to the principles ofFocus, Fun, Faith’, so as to enable teachers, students, and parents of Centaline School to adapt to the environment at the Wylie School as soon as possible.

The two schools will actively implement merging and transition measures starting from the 2024/25 school year and are expected to complete the whole merging procedure by the 2026/27 school year. The preparation for the merger has been progressing satisfactorily and has yielded positive feedback.

  1. The school sponsoring body has implemented a series of transitional measures with reference to the Education Bureau (EDB)’s ‘Primary Education Curriculum Guide (PECG)’. Students of Centaline School will undergo the transition process after completing Key Learning Stage 1 (Primary 1 to Primary 3), so to minimise the impact on their learning and make the integration smoother for students of both schools. Therefore, after completing Key Learning Stage 1 (Primary 1 to 3), the junior students of Centaline School will transfer to the Wylie School for Key Learning Stage 2 (Primary 4 to 6) in the 2024/25 and 2025/26 school years. The senior students (Primary 4 to 6) of Centaline School will continue to study in the same school until graduation.

  1. Taking into account the existing educational foundation and experience of the two schools, as well as the expertise of the teaching staff teams and the strengths of the schools, the schools have been actively organising a number of joint activities starting from February 2024 to help students and parents to prepare for the transition, including theme-based learning weeks, arts performances, and sports activities, etc., with the aim of providing students of the two schools with a variety of learning experiences, allowing stakeholders of the two schools to enhance their mutual understanding and communication:

I. Joint Programmes for Students:

    • ‘Wylie NMsN’ Night Market
    • Fun Bear Environment Protection Carnival
    • Finding a Dragon X STEM: Welcoming Olympics Dual Theme Carnival

II. Support Measures and Activities for Parents

    • Lesson observation programmes
    • Joint Seminars for Parents from both Schools
  1. Wylie School is implementing diversified curriculum and learning models, such as values education, national education, national security education, STEAM cross-curricular programmes, and more, allowing students ample preparation for studying in secondary schools and for the globalised society. In addition, Wylie School is also catering to students’ learning differences through a series of training and transition support groups to provide the most appropriate education and encourage every child to thrive and grow with confidence.

Supportive measures include:

    • Individualised Education Plan (IEP)
    • Educational Psychology Services (EP)
    • Occupational Therapy Support (OT)
    • Dyslexia Treatment Programme
    • Chinese Language Support Group for Non-Chinese Speaking Students (NCS)
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters Programme
    • Other Treatment and Support Groups

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Wylie School and Centaline School Merger

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