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The Salvation Army 'Relove' Campaign
Artistes & DJs Donate to Promote Charity Eco-shopping
The Salvation Army ‘Relove’ Campaign kick-off ceremony was held at Tin Hau Family Store today. Jim Yan, Donald and Elanne Kwong played the role of store manager to introduce the products and shared how to help people in need by eco-shopping. They took photos with the customers. They were glad to take part in the ‘Relove’ Campaign to donate unused but usable items for charity sale, helping people in need and reducing community waste at the same time. Jim, who has shopped in Family Stores, thinks the wide variety of products are attractive. The shopping experience can also reduce waste and support charity work.
A group of artistes and DJs cooperate with The Salvation Army Recycling Programme to launch the ‘Relove’ Campaign. Jim Yan, Donald, Yellow, Elanne Kwong, Evelyn Choi, Maria Tang and Bianca Wu donate more than 500 items including clothes, shoes, bags and watches for charity sale and promotion of eco-shopping. The proceeds will go to the Army’s community care services. 
The Salvation Army Recycling Programme collects new and second-hand products in the community. After sorting, suitable items are transferred to people in need referred by social workers. Other items are sold at Family Stores to raise funds for The Salvation Army community care services. From April 2016 to March 2017, the sales volume of recycled clothing at The Salvation Army was 732,000 pieces, which means 2,000 pieces of clothing were sold on average per day, finding new owners for unused items.
About The Salvation Army Recycling Programme
After the big fire in the Shek Kip Mei squatter area in 1953, over 50,000 victims lost their homes. The Salvation Army called upon the community to donate clothing for the victims’ needs. Since then, The Salvation Army’s work in recycling materials has impressed the community. Many citizens donate their clothes at the Army’s Centres. To make good use of the donated items, since the 1960s, The Salvation Army Recycling Programme was established to systematically manage the donated clothes and goods. Donated items are sorted and distributed. Some will be directly sent to people in need, such as the elderly living alone, street sleepers, ex-prisoners and CSSA recipients. Others are sold in Family Stores. The net proceeds will go to The Salvation Army for use across its community programmes.
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