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Educational Services that Realize Christian Values and Professionalism

Upholding the Spirit of “Heart to God, Hand to Man”, The Salvation Army seeks to provide holistic education to let the community understand what education professionalism and education missions mean. It is the value of individuals, instead of the value of market, that The Salvation Army’s educational services stress.

We value every child as a precious gift sent from God to our educational service units for nurturing.

The provision of educational services that realize Christian values and professionalism is our vision. It is also a two-in-one direction for our services. The former responses to “Heart to God” while the latter “Hand to Man”. To realize Christian values entails the promotion of love education. The commitment to professionalism refers to how the school sponsoring body and our staff team constantly enhance educational services to keep abreast of the time in order to witness God.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Educational Services Director
Ms Eileen Wai Chi Mok

Our Department

The Salvation Army has developed its educational services for more than half a century. Under the leadership of the Secretary for Program, the Educational Services Department is responsible for developing quality education.

Our Secondary, Primary, pre-schools and special education units are widely distributed in the territory, serving children of different age groups and with different educational needs. The following is the number of units of different types of service:

Secondary School 1
Primary School 5
Special School 1
Kindergarten 11
Nursery School 17
Crèche 2

In addition, the Educational Services Department has also set up resource centers to support teaching and providing information for parents. Resource Centers include: pre-school resource center, integrated services resource center and project database.

Educational Services Department Organizational Chart

Values for Education in The Salvation Army

We value The Salvation Army’s Mission and the Mission of our School or Pre-School:
We respect and support our Christian mission, and are partners in providing quality care and education.

We value every child as a precious gift from God:
We place the highest priority on total development - body, mind and spirit - of each child in our care.

In our duties we value responsibility:
We are committed to diligence, the pursuit of excellence, innovation, collaboration and accountability.

In our relationships we value care and concern:
We show mutual understanding and respect, encouragement, trust, integrity, fairness, and open communication.