The Hong Kong and Macau Command, together with most of God’s church, has been under intense pressure in recent years with significant social changes under the threat of a pandemic which the world has never had experienced before.

In 2021, the Command is marching into another decade of saving souls, growing saints, and serving the suffering humanity. Our aim for this year is that we can serve together with passion, mission and influence.

Nehemiah is a story of God for our time. It is a model of prayer and action God has given us for repairing breaches in the wall, as he drew people together in prayer. Together they rebuilt the walls of ‘Jerusalem’ in 52 days.

Let us take part in this year’s Bible Study and Prayer journey (from 1 June to December 2021, with individually or in groups) with passion, for ourselves, for our Corps and our Command. May the Holy Spirit help us identify the breaches and start rebuilding and repairing them in one accord. Let us better fulfil our mission and influence our Army to keep moving forward. May Our Father’s will be done on earth as in heaven.

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