Date: 6 / 13 Nov 2021 (Saturday)
Session: 1400-2000 (Please complete before 8pm)
Time Limit: 3 hours
Starting Point: Wanchai, Yaumatei, Shatin
Enrolment Deadline: 15 October 2021 (Friday)


Souvenir for ALL

Prize for EVERYONE

Top Fundraising Award


About The Event
This is my first time joining The Salvation Army Orienteering. Is there anything I must pay attention?
The Salvation Army Orienteering is different from others. Looking for checkpoints across Hong Kong with your choices on transportation, you could enjoy the highest level of autonomy in this challenge. 1 week prior the game, we will share with you a video on the details.
Is there any restriction on the age of participants?
Participants of Corporate and Open Category must be aged 15 or above. For Family team, it must contain at least an adult and a child aged 14 or below.
When should we arrive at the Starting Point? What kind of competition materials are provided?
On Event Day, participants arrive at the Start Point, Registration Counter at your convenient time. Bib, wordless map and e-card are provided at the Registration while prize and souvenirs will be given at Finish Point.
Can the team go on the competition if there are members absent on the event day?
Yes, other members could continue the challenge. However, you could pick another day by notifying us 3 days before event day through Please provide Registration no., name of contact person and telephone number.
Can we continue the competition if our number cloth is lost during the race?
Yes, but it has to be reported to the Event Centre immediately.
Can we continue the competition if our control card is lost or damaged during the competition?
Yes. Participating team has to report to the Event Centre immediately for activating the backup recording system. Penalty of loss of control card is HK$400 each.
Is Race Tee provided?
There is no Race Tee provided but bib must be put on at all times during the course of the race.
Is there any baggage storage service?
No baggage storage service of this event. Participants should wear proper sportswear to attend the event.
Enrolment Procedures
How do I know that my enrolment is successful?
An enrolment confirmation with login details of the “Team Page” will be sent by email when we received a team enrolment made online. Confirmation will be sent on the same day or within 1 week for those made by mail or fax. Participating teams could submit donation through the online system.
What is the function of the “Team Page”?
Participating teams can send out fundraising invitations and check your sponsorship status on the “Team Page” platform. You could also edit member’s information and share updates through Facebook. Please notice that the category of your team cannot be changed on this platform.
What can I do if I forgot the login and password of the “Team Page”?
Team leader’s email is set as the default login name. If you forgot the password, please use the “Forgot Password” function on the “Team Page” for reset.
Can I first enroll and then submit the minimum fundraising amount?
Yes, please submit the minimum sponsorship amount on or before 5:00pm on 22 October 2021 to confirm your registration. Due to limited capacity, all enrolments are first-come-first-served subject to the submission of minimum fundraising amount. Sponsors’ list can be provided later for issuing donation receipts.
Can I amend the name list of the submitted team details?
Any amendment must be submitted to The Salvation Army at least one week prior to Event Day. The donation raised will reside in the respective team without reimbursement.
When will I receive the confirmation for entry?
Confirmation for entry will be sent to team leaders one week prior to Event Day upon receipt of the minimum fundraising amount.
What should I do if I have not received any emails?
The mails may be marked as spam, please check your spam or junk mail box. If you still cannot locate our emails, please contact our Donor Services Team at 2783 2323.
Donation and Sponsorship
Can I submit the sponsors’ details after the sponsorship is made?
Yes, you can settle the minimum fundraising amount by credit card, cheque or direct bank deposit and then submit the sponsors’ details on or before 22 October 2021 for issuing donation receipts.
In what way will the donation receipts be delivered to sponsors?
If donations are made online, donation receipts will be posted directly to sponsors, or else will be distributed through the group leader of each participating team. For anyone who does not have receipts by the mid of December, please contact our Donor Service Team at 2783 2323.
Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Our online donation system adopts the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. It helps ensure that donor’s sensitive information sent over between your browser and our web server remains confidential. When you fill in the online donation form, a lock icon will be shown on the bottom of the page.
Inclement Weather Arrangement
What is the contingency arrangement for inclement weather conditions?
In case Red Rainstorm Signal / Black Rainstorm Signal / Typhoon Signal No.8 or above / Thunderstorm Warning is hoisted 3 hours before the Race, the event will be cancelled. We will inform all participants via SMS on that day and announce the related news on Facebook.
In case Red Rainstorm Signal / Black Rainstorm Signal / Typhoon Signal No.8 or above / Thunderstorm Warning is hoisted during the event, the event will be cancelled or temporarily stopped. All participants should leave the path and refuge in safe and sheltered place and pay attention to the broadcasting and SMS of The Salvation Army.
The event will not be re-run due to bad weather or under any other circumstances. Donations will not be refunded.