Enrolment Procedure

Key Dates

Open Recruitment 20 Aug 2021 (Friday)
Recruitment Deadline 15 Oct 2021 (Friday)
Deadline for Sponsorship Submission 22 Oct 2021 (Friday)
Confirmation Email & Briefing Video One Week Prior to Event Day
Event Days 6 / 13 Nov (Saturday)


  • [Corporate & Open] All participants have to be aged 15 or above on the event day.
  • [Family] Each team should contain an adult and a child aged 14 or below. In view of the game’s physical requirement, parents or guardians should consider the child’s age and physical condition when enrolling in the event.
  • Please send donation to The Salvation Army together with the sponsorship form on or before 5:00pm, 22 October 2021 to ensure your admission is valid.
  • Entry Confirmation email will be sent to participating teams 1 week prior to the event day.
  • Public Liability Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance for the Event are prepared by the Organizer. Participants, prior to the participation of the Event, should purchase insurance to protect their interests, including injury or death. It is the participants’ own duty and responsibility to ensure the insurance coverage is in place.
  • Should the Event be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions or any other unavoidable factors, announcement will be made on Facebook. All donations collected will not be reimbursed.
  • The Salvation Army reserves the final rights of admission and adjustment of the event arrangement.
  • Participants should arrive at the Registration 20 minutes before the game starts for materials pick-up.

Disclaimer and Indemnity

We, the undersigned, wish to enter as a team to participate in The Salvation Army Orienteering (the event). We jointly and severally confirm and agree that we shall comply with all relevant rules, regulations, ad-hoc arrangement, and/or decision made by The Salvation Army (TSA). We take part in this event entirely at our own risks and we shall not hold TSA, any sponsors and/or supporting organizations responsible for any risk of injury or death, whether caused by negligence or by accident, and/or for any damage to, loss or destruction of personal properties during the course of the event. We shall also agree to indemnify or reimburse TSA in respect of any additional expenses or costs incurred by TSA arising from or in connection with our participation in the event.

Family Teams - Parent Consent

I agree to allow the child/children to participate in The Salvation Army Orienteering and declare that his/her health condition is suitable for the activity.

Undertaking to Raise Sponsorship

We, the undersigned, jointly and severally undertake that all funds raised directly or indirectly from our participation in the event shall be paid in full to TSA without delay.

Use of Personal Data

Your personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential for processing donation and issuing receipts. To keep you connected with The Salvation Army, your contact information (name, telephone number, email and address) will be used for our communications, fundraising and conducting surveys.


After completion of enrolment procedure, an enrolment confirmation with login details of Team Page will be sent to your team. Participating teams can send out fundraising invitations and check your sponsorship status on the Team Page. If you haven’t received the confirmation after a week of enrolment submission, please contact us on 2783 2323.

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